Thank you

Thank you
for cheating
On me.

Thank you
for breaking
my trust.

You helped
me in



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My treasure??

Write about a treasure you have.

This is a prompt of a “7 day long writing festival” on a bloggers group I follow. I wanted to participate but backed off due to rakhi. I am travelling from 5th of the month till 9th. But this prompt  made me think.  I am writing this in the car while my 5 months kiddo takes her power nap in my lap. (oh yes,  she rarely sleeps more than 20-30 mins in one go)

Is this girl sleeping in my lap is my treasure??  Or this man sitting to my right driving the car, whom I loved like anything is my treasure?  Or my mother who made me what I am today,  or others who have taught me, shown me the true colors of this wicked world ?? (oh but yes am really thankful to those people). Or books, my first vehicle or any of these material things I have, or these friends, family or any other immaterial relationship. What treasure I have??

This prompt made me think real deep. What is that ACTUAL treasure I have?
Nothing from the above list qualify 110%. I thought a lot. To be frank, I didn’t love anything from the above para that much, so that I can say I will  cherish it as a treasure.

Since last few years I have seen a lot, learned a lot. And now I realize that I love myself the most. Yes you can call me selfish if you want.  What I think is,  we love others only till they are helping, or in some way or the other, are aiding towards achievement of our goals. I won’t be stretching this long. Those who understand will understand, those who don’t will never will.

So here it is. What I love most and want to cherish,  want to behold as my treasure is ME. The treasure I have is the feeling of self-realization towards myself and this life. I no more love anyone but me.

P.S – This post is really impromptu and has no intention to hurt anybody’s feeling.

P. P. S – Who cares!! I learned and now I am happy 🙂

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-“We promise each other to share everything and will never fight. If there is something bothering one we will tell the other one.”
-“Yes sweetheart,  we will” he agrees.

-“If it’s my fault, let me know, tell me directly. Never stop talking.”
-“how can i live without talking to you baby? ” he kissed her and said.


Misha’s heart echoed those words everytime, she tries to sleep in all those sleepless nights. Sleepless not because of her kid though. It’s been 10 days.. 10 days of silence.  Shantanu was not talking to her calls neither replying to messages. She was not sure what is the reason. No, she was not crying. She promised Shantanu she will never shed tears, and she is keeping it.

She was going mad thinking what has she done. What went wrong? She started blaming herself.

She was somehow coping from postpartum depression all by herself. In this blame game she sees herself as the culprit. But no, she is not. Rather she is the victim. Yes, in this phase where she is going through PPD , baby blues and weak emotional breakdown, She was expecting Shantanu to be with her. To understand her. Care for her.

She trusted Shantanu more than herself. She was infact going to be like him. So practical.

There was a flood of memories and thoughts and questions.

Why in any relationship trust get weakens. Why it can’t be intact?

Why 2 people generate misunderstanding due to others?? Any relationship will last long when we trust.

Why because of others their relationship is getting affected and is at stake??

Why why??

Startled, at 3:17 am, wakes up by her kid’s cry.

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बारीक़ कंकरों की चोट से
भी गिर पडूँगी मैं, सुनो हो ।

जर्जराती दिवार सी हूँ अब मैं ।


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Survivor #AToZChallenge Reflection

Last year, when I came to know about this, I decided to participate next year, that is 2017. I forgot, until I came across the theme reveal post on 20th March.

I shared this with my mother and she said, “why can’t you? , You can. At least you should try”. Her words were the real encouragement.

It was my first year participating in A to Z Challenge. And noowww….Yippee. I am so proud of me. I completed. I survived.. Yooohoooo!!

It was not at all easy for me to complete this challenge
While, in post delivery confinement, I was not sure if it’s even possible for me to do this.

I wrote posts on the day they posted. As I had not pre – drafted any of the posts or decided on theme or anything, I wrote letters from A to Z in a column and their respective words in front of them. Daily I take a word and write, that’s it. Now that was the real challenge. Isn’t it?? Well, for next year I hope I prepare posts beforehand on some nice theme.

My mother used to ask me daily ” which letter is it today? Did you submitted today’s post? ” That’s another reason for me to survive.

Pain, depression, baby blues, sleepless days and nights. All these had a mixed effect on my writings. There were days “I quit, nothing will happen” then there were days “come on Anami, you are not this weak, let’s do it”

I commented on various blogs and received much more comments and replies. Till letter M when at mother’s home it was great, I wrote, I commented, I shared. But after that it became a bit difficult. But anyways I am happy I survived.


I tried sticking to “Her learnings”. These were poems,..Simple, short and straight. And in the process I learned a lot. Life is a learning process.

It had become a ritual throughout April, to write and write and write. Writing and thinking about writing was on my priority list. I was myself surprised,with the kid, how I was able to complete. Thinking process was continuously going on, while I was eating, walking, brushing teeth, feeding the kid, or even talking. I experienced the dual thought process. Talking to someone and drafting post in mind.

Then current circumstances helped me a lot in writing and writing helped a lot in handling those situations.

That’s the beauty of nature power. Everything is connected.

Thankful to those who commented, liked and shared my scribblings.

Apologies to those on whose blog I was unable to react, but I will definitely do that in near future.

Kudos and congratulations to all of us who successfully survived the challenge.

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Zenith #AToZChallenge

She lives
In peace

She took
The Challenge
Completed and
Learned lessons.

Lived life
At zenith
Of salvation
Of Satisfaction
Beyond expectations.

Wisdom more
Than her age.

She lived
In peace.

And Now
She rests
In peace.


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Yes #AToZChallenge

She said
To others.
To herself

Now she
Says Yes
To herself
No to

Her relation
With self
Has more


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Xs #AToZChallenge

What’s X??
All Xs
Are Past.
Exs as in
Bad memories
Ex boyfriend.

She got
Rid of
Her Xs

She moved
Leaving her
All Xs


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Weight of Words #AToZChallenge

Is there
Weight in

If Yes,
Which is
Heavier ?

Unsaid words,
Or the
Words said.

If No
Why words
Create distance
Said and


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Value #AToZChallenge

Be it
Material things
True relations

Value what
You have

Once gone
These never
Come back.


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Understanding #AToZChallenge

They both
Each other

They were
The Perfect

Then there
Evil eye

People created

They fought
Got angry
Spoiled love

She make
The truth

He agreed.

They are
Together Again.
For ever
and ever.


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Trust #AToZChallenge

They say
Trust us
But they
Do nothing
Trust worthy
They doubt
They conspire
They say
Trust us
She knows
Her truth
She has
Pure heart.

Trust is
To be
Not asked

She trusts.


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Selfless to Selfish #AToZChallenge

She was Selfless
Caring for
Everyone around.
Trying to
Make things
Work properly.
They call
Her Selfish

Now She
Thinks of
Her own
Peace of mind.
No agitation
No sufferings
She doesn’t
Care Anymore
About others

Now She
Is Selfish.


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Realize #AToZChallenge

She was quiet
She understood

He realized
He repent

Their love

Her quietness
Paid off.


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Quiet #AToZChallenge

He shouted,
He said
Wrong words,
He cheated,
Love failed
Gap Created.

She listened
She understands
Built bridge
Relationship Saved.
She is Quiet.


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