Addiction Redefined

Be The MasterRecently, i started playing chess. Yes, i never took interest in it before, and trust me life was better 😉 . It is becoming an addiction now. And i got so involved, that i started to relate real life situations to chess moves.

It happens, that we see things the way our mind wants to show, and not as they really are. We keep on associating & comparing  things around us to something else. This all happens because we are not controlling our mind and emotions, but they control us.

Well, coming back to addiction,“addiction may be for anything” or rather rephrased, “anything can be addiction”. Addiction may not be the suitable word for what i want to indicated, but “human nature” & “habit’ will again not do justice. It is like a vicious circle. Addiction-habit-behavior. And we can never detect  it unless we have control on our own self. Addiction should not always be perceived only for bad or negative things. Addiction is the inability to control one’s mind and action. And eventually this inability becomes our habit, our behavior. One can be an addict of  some place, thing, or even a person. Usually people forget that, we cannot beg someone to stay with us forever. We have to accept that love doesn’t give us the license to own a person.

Stop taking things / people for granted, nothing will last forever. Those drinks and junk food are just for a change, this cell phone is just for our convenience. Television, video games, internet chatting are just for entertainment. That is just a movie / TV series , why are we relating it to our own life. It is up to us how well can we handle ourself, how well can we control our mind. We need to change our habit pattern. Let not be the slave of our mind but the master. Because if we are not our own masters, then we will blame others for our actions.  (It just reminded me of  90 / 10 Principle, will share it in another post)

ChangeIt also reminds me of “Who Moved My Cheese?”, which i re-completed reading some days back. A very nice and interesting parable narrating our day-to-day lives. We very well understand things but are not ready to accept the change. We keep on finding targets for our gun point which we can blame on later.

My mother always says – “everyone knows everything”. Yes, this is so true. But, much more important truth is, we never want to accept the truth. A chain smoker know its harmful, still he smokes. We all know anger will worsen the situation but still we have no control over it (or over ourself ? ) We know procrastination will lead to problems, still we do. We all know what our responsibilities are, still we try to avoid them. We always know what we are suppose to do, but we only “suppose”and never “do”.

We set morning alarm. And when the clock dutifully rings, we get annoyed and silence it as though it has committed some crime. Pull the blanket over the nose and sleep half an hour more just to hurry and worry all the day long. WHY ? Just because we “feel lazy”. NO, laziness is just another target point for our blame-gun. We are just not accepting the truth that it is time to wake up. We are not able to control our mind. We are addicted to be in control of it, never analyzing and realizing  that actually we are in control. Now, it is time to shatter the addiction chains and be the change.

We need to change and control overself before we try to change anyone out there. We have to be full aware of our each and every action and its reason. We have to learn how to live. We should be happy and satisfied with what we have, instead of craving and regretting for what we don’t have. Human life itself is a big gift, let us not ruin it by our habit pattern but understand its  real worth.

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4 thoughts on “Addiction Redefined

  1. विपश्यना के शिविर में बताया कि जब कोई व्यक्ति मन से अशांत होता है तो समाज में भी अशांति फैलाता है परंतु उस व्यक्ति को अशांत बनाने वाला भी तो समाज ही होता है।


    • वि – पश्य, अर्थात विशेष प्रकार से देखना | जो जैसा है वैसा ही देखना ना कि जैसा हम देखना चाहे वैसा देखना | मन को अपने वश में करने कि कला विपश्यना है | व्यक्ति के मन की अशांति का कारण समाज नहीं अपितु स्वयं व्यक्ति एवं उसका मन ही है | हर परिस्थिति में समता रखना विपश्यना है |


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