Smelly To Smiley – Easier done than said !!

Smell – it can be  both pleasant and bad. Scent and Odour. Here in this blog post we are  talking only about those unpleasant ones. The odours. It will spoil your whole day if it is the first thing to get into your senses in the morning. It can be of anything. Shoes, wet socks, towels, kitchen tadka, bathrooms, toilets, wardrobe etc. There are many ways how i battle these household odours. And these are real simple. Apart from these common sources of household odours some outside sources are also responsible.

Now coming back to “smell”. My recent observation is ‘smell” is subjective in nature. What I found as a odour – a bad and unpleasant smell – may not be bad for you. Blogadda along with Ambi Pur came up with the perfect contest #SmellyToSmiley. This is what i was actually gone through in last two months. Thanks Team Blogadda.

Goa Greenery

Goa Greenery

Seren Goa

Seren Goa

 I very well remembered. It was my first day in Goa. It is beautiful, really just simply beautiful. And as we were heading towards hotel from the airport, I was enjoying the serene views of nature and literally engrossed in the greenery.

As we reached hotel and the moment I stepped out from that AC Innova..oh my my.. all my senses are back to reality. The first thing I did was to cover my nose. It was the first step of my ‘smell struggle ‘ in Goa. May be there is a trenching ground just behind the hotel. Around that white shed (middle right side) in the photo below. When i entered the hotel then i literally took a sigh of relief.

Goa Hotel

View from hotel room’s window

We shifted from hotel to our flat in panjim after four days. It’s a nice place, a nice society. Now in mornings the first thing I smell when I open my kitchen’s window is fish. Yes, in these two months I had developed a good “smell sense” for differentiating ‘non veg smell’ from ‘veg smell’. 😉

Being a pure veggie is great but it’s really a big task to survive here in Goa. Yaaraan da imaan whisky..Uspe chicken ho to hor wadiya, this song is what i remember everytime i go market. Every road, every gully you go, what you smell is just chicken and alcohol.

Another place where I have to struggle “smell” is this market place. It’s the closest to our home.. but trust me I had never gone there the second time. And here is another proof for smell being subjective.

vegetables & non-veg at one place

vegetables & non-veg at one place

Nevertheless it’s a real nice and clean city. Everyday at 5:30 PM this garbage truck comes and collect the garbage from the huge garbage bin which is  right outside of our society. If my window of drawing room is opened and I may be in kitchen I can tell you it’s 5:30 and those guys have came. But to my wonder they look so chilled out & they are just sitting without any masks. No offence. They may be used to that smell. That’s why I said smell is subjective.

Clean Goa

View from my drawing room’s window

After so much smell struggle outside, with a “smelly filled nose” when I enter my home, it’s the real bliss. After all this, the best place for me is my home. The “Home Sweet (smelling) Home”. Thanks to Ambi Pur. (Really, it is the one reason i am still in Goa. LOL 😛 )

To all the above “smellys” i use just one measure and all this is gone, and I actually go Smiley from that Smelly expression. That is why it is called Ambi Pur “Air Effect” and not a “Room Freshener” It’s Really Really different and awesome. . .

If i am not going out and at home, I feel so afresh and radiant all day long. There are many fragrances in ambi pur like ‘Sweet Citrus and Zest‘ & ‘lavender- vanilla‘  but my favorite is ‘Blossoms and breeze‘ though my husband likes ‘Spring and Renewal’ more.

Incense sticks are another thing which freshens our home. My husband is just crazy about fragrances. Specially for itras (perfumes) and incense sticks (agarbattis).  Much to my help, the incense sticks he brings work like a charm. The fragrance last for the whole day, and since they are low smoke sticks it is for my kind of person. . Wherever and whenever he can, he will buy these two things.

With him I have to be very cautious about the smells, both good and bad. That is why i keep following different ways to tackle with my household odours. Cleanliness is the basic of all. Crumbled newspaper in shoes a squeezed out lemon in fridge are some common tricks i follow. And with Ambi Pur Air Effect it is actually easier done than said.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

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