Say NO to Smelly Homes !!

“Household Odour” – one of the most difficult task to get rid of it for any housewife.

There are many smells in a household. Right from entering home the smell of shoe rack, then as you enter the bedroom the foul smell of wet towels, from the wardrobe to right to the “kitchen tadka” smell. The smell struggle is awful.

First and foremost remedy for all sort of smell is the cleanliness. Try and keep your home nicely clean and tidy all days. So that you don’t have to rush when guests are there.

Here are some remedies to home smells i use. These are really helpful to keep you homes guest-ready always. Ladies, In this tech-savvy world lets be some home savvy. 🙂

How i fight with house odour.. Some simple tips go like this –

1. Shoe smell can easily be cured by keeping a crumbeled newspaper into them. Yes, it is that easy. Give it a try.

shoe smell

Crushed newspaper in shoes

2. For the wardrobe, as a traditional freshener i used to put those “white Naphthalene balls” in the shelves. But they play the opposite role and clothes began to smell like it. Then a new way which i follow now is to put a peice of chalk. It absorbs the humidity and repells the odour. Also keep an eye over the clothes when you put them in. They must be free from “after iron smell”. Let them dry complete and then only show them their place in the wardrobe.

refrigerator smell

Squeezed out lemon in fridge

3. Next comes the refrigerator. As you open the door mixture of smells enter your nostrils. There may be good ones also but too many of them make the result worse. Specially when you have some culprits like home made butter, fruits, cheese etc. in your fridge. The most common mistakes women do is they put everything open, in there. Try to put everything in a closed container, as far as possible. Or just cover with plates. And for the safe side put a used squeezed out lemon on the door of the fridge. That’s it. P.S – don’t forget to tell your husband about it, otherwise he will throw it out. 😉

4. Now a days all houses have combined lat/baths , which increase the smell problem. The simple way to the toilet smell and the humid bathroom smell is to keep a small bowl of some raw salt in a corner. That will work like a charm.


Small Dustbin

Small Dustbin

5. The most obvious source and the main contributor to the house smell..Yes you guessed right. A Dustbin. The very simple trick for it is use a small one. 😉 Yes simple and smart trick. The sooner it will fill, sooner it will get empty. Or you can also develop a routine to throw out garbage daily.

6. Every man loves good food. Ask the wife how her nose feels like while preparing that finger licking food. The tadka smell, particularly for garlic, ginger, green chillies, i always have a running & irritated nose everytime i put this tadka. Use chimneys and exhaust fans whenever possible and open gallery gates and windows if you have. The most common trick for this is to cover the vessel the moment you put tadka. Not only smell will speard less also your kitchen walls will not get spoiled.

And finally, after all this, and daily cleanliness if it may happen that your house is smelling odour and guests are on their way. Bingo. Just use Ambi Pur Air Effect. Mind it not any other just room fresher. Ambi pur is not a room fresher. It does not just help by covering the odours it helps remove them completely! You may even use it daily. It helped me a lot.

Some other tips are –

1. Ventilation – Make sure your house has a nice ventilation system. You can open the windows and put on the fan on medioum speed for some time. It will help removing bad smell.

2. Sunlight – The best natural remedy. In this monsoon season, its not regular but whenever you can, use it. Put shoes and wet clothes in sunlight when and where possible. If sunlight comes inside your home then open that door / window and let the “power of sun” come in. It will refresh your home.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.”

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