Dynamic Dream Destinations !!

Dream Destinations – Every person has his or her own bucket list for this. Mine is of course a world tour as a whole but two times Yes, two !! The long-term goal 😉 But as they say you must go step by step to achieve your goal. It is a very lucky thing to get a life partner who shares some common interest as yours. So I say, yes I am lucky. Me and my husband both like to travel a lot and explore new and adventurous places. There are many more places in our Must-Travel list. This is just a phase – one list.

We divided it into 5 major segments. And for each of them there is one national and one international destination. Cool huh !! We both like offbeat and unique places. Without much crowd. First one, Jaisalmer is done on the list. We may go to Munnar before this December. Let’s Explore !!

Segment National International
Historical Jaisalmer Egypt
Adventure Leh – Ladakh Grand Canyon
Exploring Wild Life Sunderban African Safari
Sea Exploration Andaman & Nicobar Tiger Beach
Scenic Beauty Munnar Mauritius


Not many people are interested in History. Neither was I, when am in school (as a theory subject). But when it comes to visiting places i love it. India is full of such historically important places. Specially Rajasthan. We selected  Jaisalmer. Historic and offbeat. Yes offbeat for a honeymoon trip. 😉 “You both are mad “. “How can you go there on your honeymoon?”. “Better go Manali”. “Go to some romantic place.” “You will regret”. These are some of the reactions we got. 😉


Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort View

Top View From Jaisalmer Fort

Top View From Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer fort is the main fort. It is a “living fort” and people live inside it. It has a population of 3000 as said by people there. You can feel like entering a whole different city in there. In middle there are palaces. One for “King” (Raja ka Mahal) one for “Queen” (Rani ka mahal) . A separate structure for daas and daasis (servants), then a separate building for “School”(Gurukul) It has market, shops, temples & homes for common people.

Apart from the main fort there are various havelis (salim sing ki haveli, patwon ki haweli, etc.) one can see. The awesomeness of the beautiful stone work on those is must to be seen. Mandir palace is where the king still lives.

“Rajasthan aaye aur Registaan nahi dekha to kya kiya??” Not possible. The Thar Desert. Have a camel safari on the sand and dunes. Everyone will love it. You can also plan Jaipur and surrounding cities on the same trip.

Sun sets in sand. Awesome view

Sun sets in sand. Awesome view


The well-known Great Pyramids of Giza. One who is keen of exploring ancient monuments definitely has this in his /her travel bucket list. They are also known as Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops. At 146.5 metres (481 feet), the Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years. How these millions of stones some even weighing 80 tons were stacked together? It took 20 years to complete it. This is a wonder in itself. There are different theories and stories for this. So this must be seen and explored to just imagine how these were made. There are various other tombs and museums to be seen and explore the ancient history. It’s not called “wonder” for nothing. 😉




I was in college when we had gone for a trekking trip to Manali. It was just awesome. To be in nature’s lap, to be as close to nature itself is so serene and gives inner peace. Then onwards I had totally gone crazy about trekking and adventurous tours. Best part of trekking is to see passing mountains, villages and people. You can appreciate both nature and simplicity.

Leh Ladakh

If if am not wrong most of the people want to visit here. Leh is the largest town in Ladakh. Area of 45100 Sq. Kms. makes it one of the largest districts in the country. Nature and its irresistible serenity at its best, Leh Ladakh will surely mesmerize anyone with its natural grace.

Source - Internet

Leh – Ladakh

Two of the world’s most powerful mountain ranges – the Karakoram and the Great Himalayas. A must go for any adventure freak. The altitude in Ladakh ranges between 3505 m and 2750 m. The Stock Range in Ladakh is considered as a practice run for Everest. It is the best experience to have a road trip to Leh. This is also in my list. Apart from adventure one can also see the buddhist monasteries and, glaciers vallies (Nubra Valley) rivers lakes like Pangong Lake. So it’s a “all-in-one” destination, with adventure, history and natural beauty.

Grand Canyon

Who in this world will never wish to visit Grand Canyon. At one mile deep and 277 miles long, and 18 miles wide the world’s most famous gorge offers a glorious vista of colorful rock formations that never fails to surprise the first-time visitor with its grandeur. If this greatest natural wonder doesn’t make your jaw drop in awe, then you might not be a human. Definitely not an adventure lover. It has 5 million visitors a year but you can avoid the worst of the crowds by visiting the North Rim in spring/summer, the South Rim in winter – when the views are crisp.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

I crave to hike down into the canyon’s depth and experience “The heart of the Canyon” by rafting on the River Colorado.


Sundarbans National Park – spread over approx. 10,000 sq. km. It’s a National Park, Tiger Reserve, and a Biosphere Reserve. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It itself is a big thing. To see predators like Bengal Tiger and saltwater crocodile, along with 170 species of birds and beautiful fishes, dolphins, reptiles is just like a dream come true. Besides all this Sunderbans provides a unique ecosystem and a rich wildlife habitat. It is densely covered with mangrove forests.



African Safari in itself is an experience of a lifetime. That sense of entering the animal kingdom. Awe-inspiring African wilderness, spectacular landscapes, magnificent wildlife (both big and small), sundowners in the bush, evenings by the camp-fire, nights under canvas listening to the roar of lions and the cackling of hyenas.  Africa is a world apart. It is both awesome and humbling getting close to those higher up the food chain than us. Kenya, Masai Mara, Mount Kilimanjaro are some of the safari destinations in Africa. Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia are good destinations for desert safari along with the Shire River safaris in Malawi. With all these Africa really is a world apart.

African Safari

African Safari


Sirf main hoon, meri saansein hain aur meri  dhadkane,
Aisi gahraiya, aisi tanhaiya..
Aur main sirf me
Apne hone par mujhko yakin aa gaya..

Be one with yourself

Be one with yourself

 Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Who won’t remember these lines from ZNMD. It’s like meditation. So true !! Colorful fishes, sunken ships, prismatic sea life rich reefs and some undulating hills of volcanic lave, makes for an unusual diving experience.  Its like getting a view of heaven underwater. Havelock Island, Port Blair, Neil Island are few places to explore the sea along with glimpses of history and lush green forest with silver sandy beaches..

Beautiful !! Isn't it

Beautiful !! Isn’t it

 Tiger Beach

Imagine yourself surrounded by lemon and tiger sharks as far as the eye can see amidst a gorgeous backdrop of crystal blue Bahamian water and powder white sand. Oh what a dive it will be. This spectacular location is unlike any other in the world and will give the most unique underwater experiences ever.

Source - Internet

Tiger Shark, Awesome it is.

The Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Nurse Sharks along with Reef Sharks will make the top of my photo collections. Surrounded by an abundance of marine life, both large and small, the reef’s beauty will take anyone’s breath away. I am ready for it. Are you??



A hill station is a must in this bucket list. Munnar, a former resort for the British Raj elite, is set within rolling hills. Munnar means – “three rivers” referring to its location at the confluence of the Mudhirapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundaly rivers. Eravikulam National Park, the charming old Christ Church, Mattupetty Lake, the Lakkam Waterfalls and 2,695m-tall Anamudi Peak are some must visit places on my Munnar visit.




At the thought of Mauritius, the only pictures that conjure up are those of its sandy beaches, palm trees and azure lagoons. The contrast of a multitude of colours and tastes, the island, set in its turquoise sea, is an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Pictures are never enough to describe the beautiful and incomparable landscapes of this picturesque tiny piece of paradise.  Mauritius has always fascinated me. So this must be in my list.




So this is our travel bucket list. One down nine to go. Hope to complete it soon. You may also share your list in the comment below.



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