Sweet Surprise for Sweet Friends


Blogadda has given us all a great opportunity to honour fellow bloggers. I was a very reserved and introvert kind of girl. Well i still am, but now in the process of coming out of the closet.

Not many people and my friends know that i blog. I started my blog BL0g@NaMi, in July 2012  just to connect myself to my own thoughts, and then slowly to others, like minded people.

There are not a lot of people who made me a blogger, but just two non-blogger friends. But there are many, who inspires me and influenced me so positively that i am going to be a full time blogger now. Here i am nominating them for #WIN15

I used to share my thoughts on facebook, then two of my friends “Sangeeta Mishra Jha” and “Abhijeet Zade” encouraged me. Yes i got inspired by these two guys, only when i started my own blog way back in 2012. Initially it was more of a crazy thought “Mera bhi blog he” 😛 being a computer freak i am always fancied this. So i started and i still laugh on my first ever post. These two friends of mine are not bloggers and even don’t know each other. i can’t tag them here or nominate them. But just felt to let them know that #YouMakeMeWIN. They are the reason i have a blog today !! Thanks San, Thanks Abhijeet 🙂

Well, so my blog has started, but then being in full time job it was not that easy to take out time to write post. i was more of a part time blogger. But now, when we are shifted to Goa i have plenty of time, so i quit my job and started as a full time blogger. And this is how my journey as a blogger started..

It is just a beginning.. way to go ..

So my list of nomination goes like this.. 2 non-blogger friends (mentioned above), a husband – wife, a father, a mother and an HR professional.. nice combo huh !! They all deserve to be nominated at #WIN15

Through Sangeeta only i met (virtually on facebook 😉 ) Saru Singhal of “Words” .”WOW !! Ye sochti kaha se he” was and always is, my first reaction to each of her posts. She is an awesome poetess and a great writer.

Next is Alok Singhal of “The Learning Curve He is the man who can make you smile at your deepest down. Apart from humour he also is a nice writer and as his blog name suggests, his every post gives us learning. You can see both husband’s-wife’s blogs complimenting each other 😛

Then comes the Father – Ajay Pai of “My Emotions  i just love this man’s word power. I actually have to use dictionary to understand his poems. He depicts the easiest thing in the most complicated words.  A father who is clearly reflected in his writings.

Next comes Parul Kashyap Thakur of “Happiness And Food . wonderful blog she has and i love how she blogs on current topics regularly. Truly an HR who related everything to food – food for thoughts.

The Mother – Anamika Agnihotri of “The Bespectacled Mother. She is simple in her all ways. In writing and looks. She writes simple things about her and her son. A mother who is clearly reflected in her writings.

Once again thanks a lot to all of you for influencing me knowingly or unknowingly. You all make me Write, Inspire and Network. YouMakeMeWIN. I am nominating you for #WIN15.

I’m blogging for #YouMakeMeWIN to honour a blogger who has influenced me and deserves to be nominated at WIN15

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12 thoughts on “Sweet Surprise for Sweet Friends

  1. the bespectacled mother

    Thank you for nominating me and saying those kind words about me. This was truly unexpected for me.
    I wish you all the best in your blogging endeavour. I really like and follow your thoughts you share on Facebook.


  2. I just fell off the terrace reading the nomination and the way u introduced me to the whole world. I simply love when someone showers love in words. Thanku Ana.


  3. Never been so happy, Ana…you’ve made me feel proud of myself.
    I am honored to read this review of myself and Saru.

    Thank you so very much 😀


  4. Even was in that phase – Mera bhi blog hai logon! Imagine I told Liesl Schillinger on my flight to New York that I have a blog. I was embarrassed later. It’s great when your friends inspire you and better when we have that friend in common.

    Truly humbled with your nomination. It just makes my day. 🙂


  5. Thanks dear but I must tell u , u have inspired me in a lot of way 😄😄


  6. U have inspired me in so many ways dear .. Hope u achieve all the happiness in ur life. Love u 😄😄


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