trENDing Values

Recently been through some instances. May be I will sound like a little bit old fashioned, but this is what my opinion is.

‘darling’, ‘dear’, ‘honey’, ‘baby’, ‘sweetheart’, ‘babes, and many alike. These are some words which people use to address their friends, cousins etc. sometimes even publicly on social networks. Am I the only one to whom this bothers?

May be yes! For me there is some limit to everything.
I am a strong believer of ‘Be careful in your thoughts when you are alone . And Be careful in your words when you are in a crowd’

I felt so awkward and more shocked when someone replied ‘bye di, love you’ while chatting. This has become the common practise now a days. People so freely and frequently ‘love’ one and all. But do they really do?? A question to be pondered upon.

I don’t like to use even ‘dear’. All these I consider as ‘words with feelings’. Which can’t be used every now and then, or with anyone. Specially ‘love you ‘ this is something very special one. How one can say love you to anyone and everyone out there. To me ‘love you’ is not just a phrase or just a word. But it is something I can only say to my someone special. To my real love. To my only love. Same applies to others words as well . These words with feelings are all specials. When it come, it comes from heart. These are so pure that they can’t be just a word which can be said to anyone out there.

This was all about words, now let’s not leave actions. Till handshake it is fine. How can anyone hug every other person. Fine, it’s ok with kids or we as kids. But as we grow up, get married, we should respect each other(both elder and younger). Required distance between two genders is necessary, once one grows up or get married. Be it mother-son, father-daughter, brother-sister. It is not good to still hug and kiss and touch after a certain age and while with others.

Yes, there is harmony for everyone. I have a kind of affection with my closed relatives, mother, brother, sister, niece n nephews and I  wish good for all, but I just can’t say my ‘love you’ to anyone of them. Or send ‘muah’ while chatting. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care for them. Or does it??

Does love and affection can only be expressed through words and hugs and kisses??

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6 thoughts on “trENDing Values

  1. Sorry but I m not agree with you bcoz there r many kinds, types and natures of love. Love is always limitless and it can’t be defined in some manner and specific boundaries. Love is pure and it can’t be defined but it only can be realized by someone who has some bonding with I disagree with you.this is my learnings.


    • It is right that there are many kinds and types, and so is it’s expression. True and pure love is felt from heart. It doesn’t need words and gestures.


  2. I think it bothers me when I can see right through the expressions…You know what I mean? When I can see that it is all fake…Otherwise I feel to each their own but I do feel the irritation when I can clearly make out it’s all pretense..


    • Exactly !! You are right. Pity is that it’s fake most of the time. This is the trEND nowadays. No feelings just fake words.


  3. ajaybpai

    hahahah! no, nope. I am not ridiculing you. But this post made me giggle and laugh. Each one of us care free to have one’s own opinion and it’s not incorrect. So Smile, Ana.


    • haha !! Expected reply from you 😀 No worries, i am taking each of your word as compliment 😛 Thank you. Keep thinking keep inspiring 🙂


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