Is this our so called System ??


Making a passport was said to be the most toughest job because the process is so strict and lengthy that it takes time. Each and every aspect, every detail is verified. You have to properly waste your 4-5 hours in the process. First application then doing the A – B – C (Counters) Even a slight difference will keep your file on hold. Unless you submit right documents nothing can be done.  Not an easy job. The process should be cut short and made easy for a normal person. Otherwise it is good.

Let’s say, If in the form a female mentions “married” as the marital status, she has to attach the copy of marriage registration. When asked why it is mandatory, well the expected reply comes “You are declaring it na” And if she is not having marriage certificate, by any chance, she has to make an affidavit mentioning the details along with a joint photograph with husband. FULL-PROOF system. Fine, I agree and support this. It is necessary as a proof of marriage. If she is declaring she has to give proof. No one not even her can misuse or misguide.

Now let’s see the other side of it. When a male mentions “married” as the marital status, he has to attach NOTHING. Yes..nothing. Just the name filled in the form will make “that named” girl his wife. No verification of this. No marriage certificate, no affidavit, not even photograph, no ID of that girl. I was really shocked knowing this. How can this be happening. Can’t that be misused ??

I am not talking about equality between male and female at all. I am just differentiating the right from the wrong. i am not advocating one gender or disregarding the other. At least the system should be proper.

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12 thoughts on “Is this our so called System ??

  1. Valid valid point. Last week I was thinking on the same lines. While husband is away for work, I paid son’s fees from my own funds by a cheque and when I got the fee receipt in my hand, it said Parent’s name as his father’s only. I wasn’t happy to see that. Why couldn’t the school mention both the parents’ names? While I spent my hard saved money from all those years back when I was working, it is the father who is enjoying the glory.


    • Yes..exactly. The school might think that parent means only father. 😛 Well.. it is bitter truth that our society and system is still male chauvinist. Things should be right not biased. We are not always asking for equality, but jo sahi he wo to ho.


  2. Archana Kapoor

    I had a fantastic time getting my work done at the passport office in MUmbai, so this comes as a surprise…
    but is that true? Men don’t have to attach marriage certificates? that’s ridiculous then… uff


    • Lucky you !! For me it’s Goa office. It is true, they don’t have to. No marriage certificate not even any other proof which verifies that the name he is writing in the form is actually “his wife” or any girl by that name even exists.


  3. beeslifeblog ©

    Actually what happens in many cases is that girl, after getting married, changes her surname. This is possibly one reason why this proof is needed. As while appearing for Online exams married female candidate is required to furnish similar kind of ID proof is her name is altered post marrage. This may be one possible reason.


    • Well, it is not the case. Even if the girl is NOT changing her surname she has to go through this. And you raised a point i deliberately avoided. At PSK she was continuously asked at every counter “You are not changing your name??”
      Why is it so obvious that she WILL or HAS TO change her surname ?? If she won’t, then does that mean she don’t love his husband or respect her in-laws ?? Is it a measure or scale to see her dedication/inclination ??
      *No Offence, Simply asking*


      • beeslifeblog ©

        Sorry. I could feel that my opinion hurt your sentiments. But in a country like India, this is a case. Its not mandatory to change surname after marriage. But this still happens and you might be aware of it.
        So may be, Just to take this trend into account, this system is introduced.
        I’ve just put my personal opinion, it may or may not be true.


        • beeslifeblog ©

          Well, Umm your is very decorated. I really liked it. You write on vast topics and have developed a good community! Impressing. Congratulations 🙂 I am new and also from India. Nice to meet you.


        • No need to be sorry Rahul. It is our system and that is what this post is all about.

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  4. Nice blog mate! Thanks for posting!


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