Change #AtoZChallenge

The only
Permanent thing.
She learned
From every

She observed
She accepted.
She changed.


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32 thoughts on “Change #AtoZChallenge

  1. Good for her. 🙂 Hope the changes go well for her journey.

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  2. So true! change is the only constant!

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  3. While this is only short, it gives an excellent lesson for life. Beautifully done!

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  4. Change is the only constant in life
    Good luck with the rest of the challenge!
    Absolutely Amazing Alliteration

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  5. Lovely poem with an in depth meaning

    Launching SIM Organics
    *Menaka Bharathi*

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  6. Change is the only constant 🙂 It’s the one thing (apart from death) that we can be sure about

    Sanch @ Sanch Writes

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  7. True Change is the only constant thing in life. The sooner we all learn to accept this, the happier individuals we are.

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    • Yes, change is necessary. For our own happiness we need to change not bothering what others think.


  8. Very simple statements, well stated.

    Mainely Write

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  9. inquisitivegeet

    The only thing constant in the world is change! Well said!


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  10. Change. So hard, yet such a necessary part of life. Beautiful poem.

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  11. Nice!

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  12. Concise, yet with depth. Well done!

    MSDARKSTAR – MsDarkstar

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  13. Inspiring poem! If you are interested in the art of tea check out my blog 🙂

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