Magic #AToZChallenge

There is
like magic.

She believed
In Power
Of Nature.
Tried and
True it is.

There is
Like Magic.


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19 thoughts on “Magic #AToZChallenge

  1. As I said on the A to Z Challenge blog, my husband is a third generation magician. I won’t let him tell me how anything is done because I want it all to be magic.

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  2. Magic really makes the world go round. What about black magic?

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  3. There is something magical about this nature. It always takes away our negatives and gives out positives.


  4. The whole Universe is magical. Glad for magic.

    Suzy at Someday Somewhere – Music is

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  5. The power of nature is truly magic! Loved reading your post:)

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  6. Magic, nature ,mystical, God….all that we do dont understand ,is powerful is magic ?

    M for Mind full or Mindful?

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    • It is not like that. Everything we do not understand or is powerful is NOT magic. Magic is intriguing believing and trusting.


  7. I like how the verse is very thin and narrow down the middle of the page. And the way you have turned the “nothing” at the beginning into “something” in the last stanza. Nicely done.

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  8. There’s so much magic all around. every birth, every flower pushing through the soil, every smile.

    M is for Lise Meitner – Physicist, #AtoZ Challenge

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  9. Whenever I can’t explain it, it’s a miracle… or magic. And when I get to create a little magic for someone else, the result is… magical.


  10. If I can’t explain it, it’s a miracle… or magic. And when I get to create a little magic for someone else, the result is… magical.

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