No #AToZChallenge

One must learn
to hear NO.
One must learn
to say NO.

It’s high time
She needs
to switch from
former to later.


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24 thoughts on “No #AToZChallenge

  1. Very good poem! I like the theme you’ve chosen for this year’s challenge.

    Ann, A to Z Challenge Participant
    Harvest Moon by Hand – a blog about homeschooling, crafting, cooking, and nature
    Nature, New Year’s Eve, and Nutrition

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    • Thanks Ann. I am glad you liked it. It’s my very first year of this challenge, and all poems are instant.


  2. No is a very important word. You cannot live your own life without learning how to say it.

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  3. Sadly, the scenario, in rural and urban areas alike, for the “She” gender is a getting to hear a “No” most of the times. Off late however the things are improving gradually.
    But need to be addressed is that “She” should have the mindset to say No when she hears NO!
    Well worded…
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life


  4. Hahahahaah! This was a clever little poem! I must confess I had to read it twice to get it!:)

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  5. Nilanjana Bose

    Short and powerful poem! Liked it much. No is a super important word, and to know exactly when to say it is a life-skill. Here from the A-Z and enjoyed being here.


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  6. Wow loved the sharpness in the later part, it’s profound

    Name : Gayatri Gadre
    Blog : Be young 4ever
    #AtoZChallenge Theme : Travel (off the beaten track)

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  7. inquisitivegeet

    If only, it’s done so easily! Man, I really need to work on this one!


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  8. coolkidandy

    Simple but meaningful. Even I find it hard to say “No.” It’s one thing that sometimes is difficult to do…

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  9. Shirley Corder

    LOL! Short and very to the point. N is for Nuggets and News as you Build a Better Blog. #AtoZchallenge.


  10. a wonderful concept… true unfortunately even today for so many. Used to having their wishes thwarted without ever saying no themselves.

    Renee Hendrix and all the nurses around you

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  11. It can take a surprising amount of courage to say no to people, but sometimes you just have to do it. Otherwise you’ll have no time or energy left for yourself.

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  12. A powerful word indeed, and one we all need to use as necessary.

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