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Once upon a time there was a king named Amarsen. He was a very kind and humble person. His kingdom, Rajnagar is very prosperous and everyone praises the king for his justice.

When you are growing, your enemies also grow. King Abhayjeet, of his neighbour kingdom Abhanagri started envy him. He wants to defeat Amarsen and capture Rajnagar at any cost. He ordered his army chief, Shivraj to conspire and make a plan as soon as possible. He obeyed his king and began plotting.

Shivraj used black magic and hypnotized king Amarsen. Amarsen began to make wrong decisions, doing injustice. His kingdom begun to fall. Citizens are in the state of unrest. Hypnotized king Amarsen ordered all the young men in the age group of 18yrs to 30yrs to leave the state. Those who don’t obey will be given death penalty.

Kranti, a young and warm blooded man, disobeyed and rebelled. He formed a group of few men. He showed great trust in his king and found out that he was doing this under spell. He with his troop attacked Shivraj and freed his King Amarsen from hypnosis. Later king Amarsen ordered his army to march on Abhanagari.

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