Comfort or Courage??

“And the Award for the “Courageous Entrepreneur” of the year goes to Parth Oberoi. ”

As he was walking towards the stage he is feeling so proud. His father’s words echoed in his mind.

“My dear son, you don’t have lack of anything. You are the only heir of our business. Even if you do not work you and your coming four generations will live a luxury life. But son ask yourself what you want to choose. You can choose Comfort or you can have courage. You cannot have both. It’s your choice that matters. It is up to you what you want to present to your coming generation.”

Parth was a spoiled brat. The only son of a millionaire. Since childhood he was a pampered kid. Born with a silver spoon, he never knew what it takes to earn money. What is struggle. What courage is needed to live a simple life without all these comforts. As he grew up, late night parties, expensive cars, branded clothes, luxurious style all became a part of his daily life. He was just living his life with no value for money and moral ethics.

“You are nothing without that “Oberoi” after your name.” She said.

“She was right. What’s my identity? People know me as spoiled son of a rich father. Who am I? Who am I without any of these facilities and luxuries. Nothing. I have to make my own name.” That made him think.

“Yes dad, till now I chose comfort, but now I choose courage. I will make my own identity. I will make you proud.” Parth replied to his father.

“I want to dedicate this award to my father” as Parth said this on stage, his father in the very first row can’t stop tears flowing from his eyes.

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8 thoughts on “Comfort or Courage??

  1. Good for Parth! Too many sons of rich man go down that path of waste. He will indeed make his father proud of him.

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  2. I’d like to see how this one plays out. He still has his father’s name. Who was this “she” who told him he was nothing without the name? How do we know that he wasn’t given the award, at least in part, to curry favor with the father? (Cynical, yes – I know.) A good premise, but what if he’d change his name? What was his “courageous, entrepreneurial” act that won him the award?

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  3. For some people born with a silver spoon in their mouth, trying to get out of their comfortable lifestyles would be a challenge in itself. Nice to see the protagonist could do that

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  4. For one born and brought up in comforts it is challenging to leave the same. But then sometimes a taunt can work wonders just as it has worked for Parth.

    Nice take on the prompt.

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