AToZChallenge 2018 #ThemeRevealPost #BlogChatterA2Z

Time flies. Here comes April 2018.

Last year it was all of a sudden “out of the blue” moment when I decided to participate and even completed the challenge. It was just like that. impromptu, without themes, without pre-drafting. After completion, I decided to take the challenge in the more planned way in 2018.

This is my second year of participating in this challenge, and I was sure I will be ready before April 2018 for the challenge. But sigh !! I forgot that with a 1yo kid it will be impossible.

Still, there is hope. better late than never. Initially, I was thinking of skipping the theme reveal post totally. but then wait, it is just the starting and that is the actual challenge. right?? So here comes my #ThemeRevealPost.

We all do things, some good some bad for your home. Here, by home I mean not that house or apartment you stay in but your body. yes, that is where you live. right?

To be born with a human body is a real gift. and I mean it when I say this. In today’s world, we are so much engrossed and busy that we have totally forgotten about our own self. your own wellbeing your own body. Where you live in. Your body is not called a “temple” for nothing.

People nowadays spend most of their time in front of a screen. Be it television, laptop, computers, mobile, tablet etc. They even are not aware of the hand, head, body, neck position. You check yourself at this moment what is the posture of your body, hand, and neck. Yes, that creates pain.

People are so upset with their health these days. Diabetes, high / low blood pressure, hypertension, arthritis, back pain, etc all have become so common.

What are we doing to ourselves? Let us be aware and take proper care of our very own, “personalized” temple. Alright, let’s answer few questions

  1. Do you give yourself at least 10 mins?  (social media not counted)
  2. Do you call yourself 100% (ok at least 80%) fit
  3. Are you the one with not even single body problem
  4. Are you satisfied with what are you (/not) doing for yourself?

If your answer is a NO to all the above questions. Then go on reading further. If not, then also you can continue, no harm huh !! 😛

Every one of us wants to be fit. Fit, not as in “zero figures” for ladies and not just a “muscle man” for gents. Fit means you are healthy inside and outside. So here in April, I am gonna post one workout daily. Yes, just one. And few more interesting stuff. Just start with gifting 10 mins daily to yourself. If you already do workouts / yoga etc. then it will help you further. If not, at least this may motivate you.

Oh !! I forgot to tell you one thing. These workouts will be bodyweight workouts. That means you do not need any equipment. So just put on your tracksuit, grab the exercise mat and join me. What ?? I heard that. You don’t have tracksuit and/or exercise mat?? Don’t worry, just put on any tee and lower. and use any mat you have or just fold a bed sheet in half. See, now you have no excuses. 😛  So come on people out there. Tighten your willpower and let go of that laziness. Forget procrastination and start moving those hands and legs. Be ready to get some sweat out.

Keep an eye on this space. You can also sign up here by clicking “Follow” button at the right bottom of your screen, so that you do not miss a single workout. Let me know about your views in the comment section below.


If you are new to AToZChallenge check this out for more information. Get many more exciting posts here as well –  #BlogChatterA2Z


Check out my last year’s A2Z poems  “Her Learnings”  OR download the E-Book here.



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4 thoughts on “AToZChallenge 2018 #ThemeRevealPost #BlogChatterA2Z

  1. I’ll try to join you, defo need it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey! This sounds great. As I am into fitness, I will be looking forward to your posts.
    All the best. 🙂


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