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Rocking Plank & Russian Twists #AToZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z


Fitness is not a seasonal hobby. It is a lifestlye.

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How many of you relate to this ?? I do. Working out is like music to me. It is my mood buster. Come let us do some rock and roll.


Rocking Plank

Remember what we had for letter E ?? No. It’s Elbow Plank. You must be wondering why E, today’s letter is R. Guys, let us rock today.

Get into the Elbow Plank position. Make sure your elbows should form a 90 degrees angle and should be directly beneath your shoulders. Your body should be parallel to the floor with you neck, spine, hips, and heels should forming a straight line. Now let’s ROCK. Move your body back and forth just a few inches. Do not jerk or yank. It must be a controlled rocking.

Start with 45 seconds.  Gradually, you can increase as per your strength. Keep it slow and controlled. Keep your whole body straight and parallel to the floor the entire time.

This is a full body workout which also works on your core and give you flat belly. Keep your abs tight the entire time.


Russian Twists

Sit on the mat with your legs extended in front of you. Bend those knees. Lean back and sit up on your tail bone.. Keep your torso straight. Start rotating from left to right as far as you can. It is more about the range of motion than it is about speed. Repeat for 50 seconds.

This works on your abdominal muscles and obliques. Start with 45 seconds.  Gradually, you can increase as per your strength. Keep it slow and controlled. It is not about speed afterall.

When can you do ?? Best time for any workout is in the morning. You can also do in evening after at least 4 hours of a heavy meal. Never perform any workout on a full stomach.



Tip of the day

That’s it. Stop giving up. It is actually pretty simple, like either you do it or you don’t. There is nothing in between but only excuses. Nothing will work unless you do it.  So just do it man.

P.S –

These are just single workouts. Warm up and cool down are not included in this. Know that your body has limits and you should respect it. Do only as much as your body allows you. Little pain is absolutely normal as the muscles stretch, but if you feel more pain then you are doing something wrong. Stop doing it and consult a doctor if necessary. I am not a personal trainer, this is meant to be the inspiration for you as a way to break workout boredom.

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