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Ahoy !!! April has finally ended and after a week, that I am done with compensating my lack of sleep 😛 here I am, back again. It was my second year in the challenge. With all the ups and downs, yes and nos, the thought of quitting every other day, finally it was over and with good spirits.

My theme was “Bodyweight Workouts”. Deciding on the theme was a flash decision for me. I was wandering around weaving a story but couldn’t figure out anything so this theme came as a rescue. It may come as a surprise to many of you that I am not any fitness expert. Even I have never stepped into a gym ever. I just love doing exercises and that’s why this comes to my mind.

I research a lot about exercises daily while viewing a lot more of the same. But inspite of all the research and time spend collecting information on the Workouts, it was not at all an easy thing to compile a good and most importantly ‘doable’ series of workouts. I came across many exercises for each letter every day when I sit for writing a post. Initially I was getting literally mad. I wanted to add them all or few. Then I adopted one strategy, I shortlist 4 or 5 then try them all. Yes, don’t look like that. For me it is important that the readers should be able to do them or at least think of giving it a try. So that is my take on how I took this challenge. Sorry if I have been off the topic, but this is what crossed my mind thinking about reflections of the challenge.

April has been a super duper roller coaster ride for me. With all the ups and downs that can possibly happen, it has been a super bumper ride. This year I solely was active on Blogchatter and it’s groups. It would have not been possible for me to complete this challenge without those encouraging and motivational words from all the group members and other fellow bloggers.

5 things I learned from the challenge this year  –

1. ” ज्यादा सोचने से इरादे कमज़ोर हो जाते है “

Never think too much. With prior engagements, in laws visiting, my own travel plans all in the month of April, I was in doubt regarding my participation in the challenge. After a lot of thinking, which made me even more tensed and not getting to any decision, I ordered myself”go for it, and this is the last time we (me and my mind) are discussing over this.”

2. When you know you have nothing to lose, why not give it a try??

What if I skip a day or two?? What if I would be unable to survive the challenge?? These”What ifs” are not leaving my thoughts for even a second. Then again I ordered my mind to shut up and asked “what all can happen if any of these may occur?? What will you lose?? Nothing na. Then go for it, why afraid??”

3. Live in present

I wanted to draft all my posts before April but “ये हो न सका” so I started taking one day at a time. I start with that day’s letter and write the post. If I complete it in time then try to write for the next day. For next year I do have something in my mind, if everything goes as planned next year I will come up with a whole different theme.

4. Be patient. Do not panic.

You missed a day. Don’t worry. Try to complete it next day. Panic won’t help, patience will. With my 1yo princess it was getting on my nerves. Whenever I sit to write she used to come to me. So patience helped me a lot. I quickly complete my writing when she was sleeping.

5. May write less but Read more.

This is the most important thing I learned. If you read more and more it will automatically helps you removing that “writer’s block”. Not only it will increase your knowledge it will also connects you to other bloggers.

So here I am ending my reflection post with a big big thanks to Blogchatter, all the fellow bloggers in the group and everyone who religiously visited and commented on all my posts.

2018 A to Z Challenge Reflections

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10 thoughts on “Reflections #AtoZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Well done. Congrats

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  2. I’m glad you made exercise your theme because I’d never have been inspired to move my butt this year. And you’re right about the reading. The more you read the better it is for you and your blog…. Let’s hope we keep meeting this year. I’m afraid I’m not into reading Hindi blogs ( though of course I do understand and appreciate the language) so I may not always comment/read when you write in Hindi

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    • Thank you. It is the first time I attempted this theme. Everyone has his /her comfort level. I try to write in both the languages. Thanks for dropping by.

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  3. Anagha Yatin

    Finally, I made it Anami! Read this post that I had bookmarked long back.
    Congratulations dear for completing the challenge.
    I am so surprised to know that you are not a fitness expert! Knowing this now, I must say you aced the challenge as a fitness pro.
    I now remember you whenever I take up any exercise that u have taught us in April!
    It was a pleasure to connect with you. Lets keep in touch.
    Wishing you a very bright blogging years ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot Anagha. My apologies for replying late, as I am travelling with no access. Congratulations to you too for the completion of the challenge. I am so happy we meet, although virtually, but it was a real fun. Sure will be in touch. Thanks again.


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