5 Tips For Working Mothers To Stay Fit #BonHappetee

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I am taking the baton from Aesha from Aesha’s Musings who writes about her experiences with life and is a great source of inspiration. Do check out her blog for the motivation and the push you need today. Thanks again Aesha for introducing me on your blog.

Fitness is not something which you can achieve and then sit back. It is a journey. You need to maintain it, sustain that state for as long as you possibly can. – A’nami

Being a mother is not an easy thing, it is a “full-time work”. And when she is a working mother it is double the work. It is very difficult for a mother to give time to herself. So here are few “very easy” tips for working mothers to be fit.

1. Walk, Walk and Walk

Walking is the most simple yet effective way to stay fit. This does count the steps you are running after the kids and in the household. πŸ˜‰ Definitely not. Get some time for your own self. Just steal 30 minutes in the morning and evening for walking. You can schedule a “family-walk” after the dinner as well. I did it and trust me it works wonders.

2. Sneak out and Workout

When is the time you get up from your desk and you “have to”. It the “loo time”. Don’t laugh. I am serious. It will take just 2-3 more minutes. Try doing some squats, lunges, jumps, hand-neck rotation etc. every time you go to the washroom.

3. Eat healthy

Often we tend to gobble and not eat junk food and fast food. The processed food itself is not good for health and on top to it, when we do not chew properly and hungrily just gobble the food, it doubles the harm. So try to eat healthy and take small bites and chew properly.

4. Keep nuts and fruits handy

Weather at home or in office, always keep some fresh seasonal fruits and dry fruits handy. Keep a box of dry fruits in your kitchen and one in your bag. Keep a fruit basket at home and carry a few with you when you go to the office. That way whenever you feel that “hunger pang” just toss in few nuts. These are both healthy and will satisfy your craving.

5. Playtime on weekends

Working mothers get to spend some time with their children only on weekends or some other holidays. It is the best way to make the bond stronger between the kid and the mother by doing some activities with them. Play some outdoor games with your kids. Both will get the benefit of that.

I now pass on the baton to Anshu of First Time Mommy. She is an avid reader and blogs about health and fitness. Go, hop on to her blog and find more about this wonderful lady. She is a real inspiration.

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33 thoughts on “5 Tips For Working Mothers To Stay Fit #BonHappetee

  1. Your fitness posts are always so relatable, no too difficult to adopt fitness mantras or exercises which need personal fitness trainers on the toe. The reason I love your posts. These are easy ways to stay fit and yes walking is the best freebie we have been blessed with.


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    • Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. You made my day. Oh yes, “Best freebie” the correct word πŸ˜€


  2. After a very long time and those are useful tips.


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  3. Nuts have recently become my best friends. Whenever I have hunger pangs, I get hold of a box of nuts and much some. It makes me tired and want to eat more less. Nice tips you have shared.


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  4. Ashvini Naik

    Anami, your ways to staying fit are so good, simple & do-able.
    Yes, indeed with motherhood comes a great deal of paucity of time. And these are great steps one can begin with.


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  5. I loved this post. I completely identify with all your tips especially the sneak out and work out…..why do we moms feel guilty about loving ourselves? And the Bon Happetee App worked for me. I actually lost 5 kg but then also figured that I was getting too obsessed with the App…. So gave it up and put on the pounds again 😦


    Liked by 1 person

    • Coming from you means a lot. Thank you so much. I think we moms are over possessive and over obsessed with taking care of family that we often neglect ourselves. And even if we want to love ourselves, we are like “let me complete this work then later will take care of my own” but that “later” never comes. Will have to try the app soon then πŸ˜‰

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  6. Super tips, Anami. I liked the sneak out and work out the best. I agree we need to take out time for ourselves – even if 5-10 minutes a day. It doesn’t take much time and helps tone the body.


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  7. Prerna Wahi

    Very simple and useful tips. I follow most of them. Eating nuts every day is a recent addition for me and I feel it helps! Thanks for sharing.


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  8. Very useful workable tips

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  9. The loo tip is awesome Anami. There is always something to learn from you. And thanks for the participation and the kind words.


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  10. Pingback: 6 Habits I Quit For A Healthy And Fit Body. - Aesha's Musings

  11. Oh yes, agree with each and everything you have shared here and follow them too! Finding time for ourselves is such a necessity if we wish to maintain our peace of mind considering we are the backbone of our family. If we don’t take care of ourselves, who will? And, how will we care for others if we don’t care for ourselves? Why is it that we find placing ourselves first on our priority lists so difficult?

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    • Self love is something which gets a back seat while taking care of the family. Might be because we as “Indian Sanskari girls” are conditioned that way only. Anyways, now we have started giving respect to self as well. πŸ˜›


  12. jaya1966

    Excellent post. Both my mother and sister are working women. My mother is retired now. My sister, a doctor still works. A very nice set of useful tips you have provided in this post. Easy and simple to follow.


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  13. All the points are super tips and I specially loved the sneak out and work out idea!


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  14. There’s no alternative to eating healthy hence snacking on dry fruits is the best. Spending time with kids over weekends doing some physical activity or sport is a great idea for working moms to bond too.


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    • Indeed. Healthy eating and spending some quality time with kids are two aspects on which working mothers mostly lack behind.


  15. Very simple and easy tips for moms to follow. Thanks for sharing these Anami.


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  16. Well said Anami. Though I am not working but a handful of nuts comes very handy to me too. And walking is the best that adds to fitness anytime, anywhere.

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