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When It Rains #WordsMatter

It is a beautiful morning. Drizzling softly, the sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds. Misha is sipping her coffee and staring away into blank from her 13th floor flat balcony. Drizzles are caressing her face, taking her to the past. She surely has some “rain memories”. We all have some memories associated with rain, long drives, or anything about those “first times”. Don’t we??

It seems just like yesterday when Misha thinks of her past. She knows her life has changed and will keep on changing with every passing day. She has to complete many chores of the household before her son wakes up. With this thought in mind, she is still glued to the past memories and thoughts. Our mind is no better than a monkey they say. From one thought to another then to another and so on.

That’s what happened to her. It started with rain and goes 10 years back. She had a love-hate relationship with rain. If while going to college (or office later on) if it rains she hates it, but while coming back home she wished it rains and she gets to get drenched and drive in the rain enjoying those pointed needled-droplets almost piercing her face. Her friend used to call her mad for enjoying that pain. But she doesn’t care, she loved it anyhow.

She then reimagined those highway-drives with her friend Varun when they both “just” travel on road, just like that, not talking much but still, feeling the peace. How they both used to “bunk” their offices after lunch and go “bhatakne” (as they used to call it). Chipkali and Monkey. How they met was a totally different story but they sure do have a connection. They never did anything wrong, other than skipping the office and making excuses for the same. Misha leaves her office, meets him at the “adda”, he comes, picks her, they go, drive for like one hour or two, he drops her back, she picks her scooter and rides her way to home. If it drizzles, and no important meetings are lined up they have a drive-day by default. If it was the birthday of any one of them it is a drive day. One of her birthdays was accompanied by drizzle and it felt so perfect.

Then she thought about that rainy day when she proposed him and told about her feelings for him but he politely rejected her. Still, they are friends. Good friends. Only Misha and her heart know what is inside it. That was a special day. And it always will remain. Lesson learned that day.

Misha’s life was full of turns and turmoils. She then thought of how rains have become her best friend, when after her divorce, whenever she wished it rains and she can cry hard while driving back home from the same office, it rained. The rainstorm always dutifully oblige. Every. Single. Time.  It was very hard for her to live that phase of her life. It was “When it rains, it pours” phase. Literally.

There were many thoughts in her mind and she sometimes gets confused while sorting and understanding them. She sometimes wants to just run away from everything. There were many instances in her life where she wanted to run away but didn’t. So this time again she decided to face the situation bravely. So she started thinking positive thoughts.

“Will take Ruhan for a drive when he wakes up in the evening,” She said to herself. “Will ask Aman if, after coming from the office, he would like to go somewhere for dinner?” “He would be tired” “Better I will not ask” ‘What if he says no” “what if….*ti-ding-ting*


Her thoughts were interrupted and she came back to the present by the mobile notification sound.

“How we are always engrossed in the past or the future and miss to live in the present moment.” She affirms and decided to live every moment without thinking of the past or the future.

She picked the phone and checked. There are two messages.

– “I hope Ruhaan would have slept again. I am sorry I woke him up in the morning. Take care. Love you. And yes, I have a meeting so might get late. You please have dinner and sleep.”


– “Oye, It’s raining here. Chale bhatakne? mu yar. Aur ha..Happy Birthday, Chipkali.”


One is reality another was a dream.





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I received this tag from Jyoti at Jyoti’s Pages and passing it to .. to NO ONE.


After all, I may be the last one but not the least 😛

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