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Silent Smiling Heartprint

It all started with a pen.

She was looking for something in her bag on the library counter. The boy next to her picked a pen from the floor and handed her. She just smiled, not even a thanks she said. He smiled back. They didn’t talk.

Sarthak was then 14 years old in the 10th standard of his school. He was the head boy. Was not known to be with girls or even interacting with them. But this girl of class 9th used to daily admire him. She understands nothing about love.

Some other day, when she was walking past the playing ground with her friends, football came near her foot. She picked it and passed it to him. again they smiled at each other.

She just likes to see him. Just watch him daily and smile. It has become a habit. These are not affecting her studies at all. She is also the topper of her class. It has become a ritual. They just smile at each other. Nothing less, nothing more. They are ‘smiling friends’’

Years passed and they both completed the school. Neither one knows anything about the other. They both knew it has nothing to do with love. but definitely, they have smiling heartprints on their hearts.



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The Song Unsung

She makes sure someone sees the baby basket she has left on the garden bench.

“I am sorry my child but I don’t want you to live my life.” she says and leaves.

With every step, she remembers how she fell for the wrong man and how he forced her into body business. She doesn’t want her daughter to be in the same situation. She did what she is doing because she was too late to get out of it.  Which woman will like to be touched inappropriately and paid for it? It was her helplessness that she was unable to protest when she was forced into this.

Meri Bagiya Ki Kali
Tu Sada Hi Khilna
Jin Raho Main Chali
Tu Unpe Na Chalna

Far somewhere she heard this song playing.

Translation of song:
My garden’s bud
You always blossom
The paths I ran
You do not walk on them

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     Friday Reflections

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“Our planet earth is under attack. We have to save it.” said Nicholas.

“What’s the scenario Jacky?” Alex asked.

Alex, they are everywhere. The human race is under threat. They are multiplying very fast. They have hijacked all the space stations. All the military and defense services are under their control. They killed millions of people. Half the planet is on fire. Devastation, destruction is everywhere.

“That’s terrible. We have to do something quickly. We can’t let go of our planet to these creepy monsters.”

“They have planted their main ship on the southern coast. If we can somehow destroy that we win.” Nicholas informed.

“Yes, I have a plan.” Alex replied

“Jackson, lock target?” Alex asked him to adjust the position from the above.

“Alex, three feet down. Locked. Freeze.” Entire ship freezes and turned into ice.

“Nick. Shoot.” Alex shouted as he pushed it into the mid of the ocean.

The ship got shattered. As Nicholas used his power on the hard ice.

All the foreign creatures collapsed at their places. And again The Great Trio saved the planet and the human race.

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Comfort or Courage??

“And the Award for the “Courageous Entrepreneur” of the year goes to Parth Oberoi. ”

As he was walking towards the stage he is feeling so proud. His father’s words echoed in his mind.

“My dear son, you don’t have lack of anything. You are the only heir of our business. Even if you do not work you and your coming four generations will live a luxury life. But son ask yourself what you want to choose. You can choose Comfort or you can have courage. You cannot have both. It’s your choice that matters. It is up to you what you want to present to your coming generation.”

Parth was a spoiled brat. The only son of a millionaire. Since childhood he was a pampered kid. Born with a silver spoon, he never knew what it takes to earn money. What is struggle. What courage is needed to live a simple life without all these comforts. As he grew up, late night parties, expensive cars, branded clothes, luxurious style all became a part of his daily life. He was just living his life with no value for money and moral ethics.

“You are nothing without that “Oberoi” after your name.” She said.

“She was right. What’s my identity? People know me as spoiled son of a rich father. Who am I? Who am I without any of these facilities and luxuries. Nothing. I have to make my own name.” That made him think.

“Yes dad, till now I chose comfort, but now I choose courage. I will make my own identity. I will make you proud.” Parth replied to his father.

“I want to dedicate this award to my father” as Parth said this on stage, his father in the very first row can’t stop tears flowing from his eyes.

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     Friday Reflections

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Once upon a time there was a king named Amarsen. He was a very kind and humble person. His kingdom, Rajnagar is very prosperous and everyone praises the king for his justice.

When you are growing, your enemies also grow. King Abhayjeet, of his neighbour kingdom Abhanagri started envy him. He wants to defeat Amarsen and capture Rajnagar at any cost. He ordered his army chief, Shivraj to conspire and make a plan as soon as possible. He obeyed his king and began plotting.

Shivraj used black magic and hypnotized king Amarsen. Amarsen began to make wrong decisions, doing injustice. His kingdom begun to fall. Citizens are in the state of unrest. Hypnotized king Amarsen ordered all the young men in the age group of 18yrs to 30yrs to leave the state. Those who don’t obey will be given death penalty.

Kranti, a young and warm blooded man, disobeyed and rebelled. He formed a group of few men. He showed great trust in his king and found out that he was doing this under spell. He with his troop attacked Shivraj and freed his King Amarsen from hypnosis. Later king Amarsen ordered his army to march on Abhanagari.

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Bated Breath

“Karan..Karan..where are you?” exclaimed Rohit.

“Here, come to this room.”

Rohit followed the voice and proceed towards the door at the end of the corridor.

He touched the knob and was about to open the door.

“Rohit what are you doing here? I was looking for you in the whole house” Karan summoned from behind.

“Ka..Karan, I heard your voice from this room.” Rohit turned.

“I told you not to come here. This is a haunted house.” Karan grabbed his hand and dragged him away from the door.

They ran towards the staircase. On the wall, Karan glanced over the mirror. There was only one reflection. Rohit’s image was not in the mirror. Karan turned and looked at Rohit. He smiled (Devilish). That makes his grip loosened. He unhands Rohit’s wrist and started to run downstairs. The stairs began to move. He was running down on the escalator coming up. Suddenly it stopped. Karan held his bated breath. He just stepped on another stair and it disappeared and turned flat into a slide. He slipped. He holds the railing for support. A hand came and hold his hand.

“Karan, what happened ?? how you reached here.? Why are you hanging outside the rails? Come let’s get out of here.“ Said Rohit pulling him up.

“No, leave me,”Karan screamed and released his hands. He falls. He is falling and falling into the deep endless abyss.

“Karan, wake up, wake up Karan.” Karan slowly opened his eyes to the voice.

He found himself in his room, all alone. He was confused as to what he saw was a dream or what. He gets up from the bed and opened the door.

“Where were you Karan, I was looking for you in the whole house? Let’s get out of here,” said Rohit hurriedly.

“Kill him kill him”. Voices start to come from everywhere. They are pacing towards the main door. When they are running out the main door. Karan fell.

“Come on Karan, just two more steps and we are out of this. Get on your feet and run” Said Rohit helping him to stand. Karan gets up and starts to run as fast as he can. Rohit watches him and ran behind him.  

“Rohit Help..Help me “ Karan’s voice keep coming from the haunted house behind.


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     Friday Reflections

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The Terminal

“Hello passengers, the departure of flight no.1453 going to Paris is delayed by 5 hours due to weather condition.”

“Oh no 5 more hours.  “said Diya annoyingly.

She is all alone on her own for the first-time flight, that too international. She always wanted to go abroad.

1 month ago –

“Ma, Papa, I got selected for the job in ABC Ltd., Paris.” she jumped and shouted in happiness. After checking the email on her laptop.

“Yoohoo, wow. Congratulations, Diya. “said her father.

“how will you manage all alone there” Mom says worriedly

“Maaa… it’s an opportunity. people don’t get this easily. I have to do this.”

“But Diya, you had never lived alone, away from the house.

“I will manage mamma, don’t worry. This is how I will learn.


She gets up from the waiting area and starts to walk. It really is a very big airport.

“Now how will I kill these 5 hours.” She says to herself

She enters a bookstore. Since she is not that much a book lover just took one round and came out. Besides is an antique store. She skipped it. Then she walks across the aisle just glancing over all the shops.

“Aah, at last” She entered Starbucks.

“One cappuccino please “she definitely is a coffee lover

“It’s just an hour passed. What will I do another 4 hours” While coming out, she bumped into someone.

Oh, sorry sorry. I am so sorry. Was in a hurry” She said to that person.

What you saying Diya, Hurry..of what. You have 4 long hours. ?? “She murmured to herself

 “It is ok. Don’t worry. I am Dev. My flight is also delayed. Would you mind joining me? “ He says.

“Alright. She hesitantly said.

They both walked together across the length and breadth of the full airport. Dev keeps on telling her about all the stores there and their histories and story behind the business ideas.

“Hungry, want to have pizza or something?” he asked pointing towards Pizzahut.

“Yes, I love pizzas”

They both had pizza. Dev started telling her about the inception of the company PizzaHut and how after initial failures it became such a big brand. Diya is not that much interested in such business talks but somehow she started liking it. They came out and headed towards the waiting area.

“Wait wait… Is that you??“ She picked a business magazine from the newsstand.

“whaat !!! you are THE Dev Dalmiya. The most successful businessman. The man behind the biggest Dalmiya Empire. And still The most eligible bachelor of the country.” She read all in one breath.

“hmm” He smiled and nodded his head.

“what hmm.. you are..”

“Attention, please. All the passengers on the flight no. 1453 are requested to head to gate no. 2 for boarding. Thank you.”

“That’s my flight. Time flew with you. I still can’t believe you are Dev Dalmiya. Nice meeting you. I got to go. Bye.” She started walking towards gate no. 2

He is still staring at her. Smiling. Just before that last turn, she turned behind.

“At least tell me your name,” He asked.

“Diya Sharma” She replied, waved her hand and goes.

See you soon, Diya Sharma, flight no. 1453, Bombay terminal” He smiled

Will their destinies ever cross the path again??



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Nostalgia – The Past

Kiara was walking very carefully, escaping from the firing around her. As she was stepping towards a door, she didn’t know a pair of eyes followed her. Among all terrorists, one stopped firing.

The gunman had released his finger on the trigger of his machine gun. He was looking and watching her across the bullet firing path.

“Hey what are you looking at? Why did you stop firing? Come on fire. Kill them all.” His mate nudged him from the shoulder. That makes his finger reflexed and hit the trigger. The bullet got shot. He can’t stop it but only watched the bullet hit that girl’s shoulder.

He screamed “Noooo”.

“Go Away” He pushed back his mate and slapped.


“Kiara, oh god, what did you do. See its bleeding.” Mihir worriedly said.

“Oh come on Mihir, it is just a minor cut.”

“You just don’t understand.” Mihir murmured.


She is just a few meters away from the door. There were few terrorists who have tied four people in a line against the wall just near the entrance.

“Are they going to shoot them.” She thought.

“Aah…” She moaned. Amidst the firing, a bullet just passed through her leg.

That caught the attention of terrorists and they dragged her too in that line.

The gunman’s fellow goes inside the room from the balcony. His eyes started searching for that girl. He got his sight within the line of people and the terrorist pointing a gun to her. Finger on the trigger. He shoots that terrorist. She quickly ran inside, not even looking at him.

“Kiaraaaa..” He goes inside and runs towards the stairs

Bruised face. Blood flowing from right shoulder. Left leg injured. She was bleeding badly. She was walking lamely. Pressing her right shoulder with the left hand. Somehow, she managed to climb stairs.

She slowly unlocks the room and gets inside.

“You need not worry. I will get you out from here”. She said to the hostages calming them down.

“Get in one corner, you all are dead now” A terrorist slams the door open.

“dut..dut..dut”…Machine gun sound.

He fell. Everyone stared in surprise. Someone had shot him from behind.

“Come with me” He ordered Kiara.

“Set them free, safely. Every one of them”

“Kia..” He stopped saying further.

“Come this way, follow me.” He instructed them.

He took them all to the back side of the building. There was a door.

“Go out from here and don’t make any sound. This will lead you outside the building”.

He turns around and comes inside. She followed him.

“Mihir..Mihir..wait, talk to me” He doesn’t stop, even after her pleading.

“Goo.. go away. It’s not safe for you here. You are already…inj… “ He wanted to stop and hold her in his arms, but he instructed her to go.

Machine gun fired from somewhere behind her..rat-a-tat..dut..dut..dut*

“kiaaraaaa” he turned and ran towards her. She falls and he holds her

“no, no..noooo…hang on, you’ll be alright”

“I am sorry Mihir, I love you”. And she breathed her last in his arms, smiling.


Friday Reflections


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The Pattern

“Just few more bucks and I will have enough money for Aarti’s college studies.” Arjun was happy that day.

It was salary day and Arjun was walking his way back home. Suddenly he stumbled upon something. It was a strange artifact. Seems like some sort of historic tablet. There was some pattern engraved on it. It was incomplete. He picked and kept in his pocket.

“Aarti, look what I found”. Arjun placed it on table and picked the glass of water.

“Wow, it looks beautiful, but isn’t it broken. This “Unique Pattern” seems to incomplete. Where’s the other part.?” Aarti enquired.

“I don’t know. I found only this when I was coming back. Here, take this money and keep in the locker. Tomorrow we will go and fill your form for college.

“What !! Thanks, bhaiya. (brother)” Aarti jumped in excitement.  She always wanted to study further.

Arjun was left alone with Aarti, his sister, when their parents died. His father died when Arjun was 14. His mother somehow managed to raise the two kids but succumbed to cancer after few years. Aarti was 16 when her Mother passed away. Arjun was 18, and has to drop out from graduation because of the circumstances and started working to make her sister continue the studies, once she completes schooling. From newspaper distribution, to waiter in restaurant, from garage work to salesman, Arjun is trying his fate and making his best efforts at everything.

Next morning, they went to college and get Aarti’s admission done.

“Here, now fill your form.” Aarti handed a paper to Arjun.

“But Aarti, I am still short of some money for my graduation.”

“I know brother. I have been saving my pocket money. too. “Aarti extends her hand holding money.


“No buts, just fill.” Aarti grins with excitement.

Arjun somehow managed to stop that drop from his eyes and smiled.

Days passed, years passed. Aarti completed her graduation and got a job. Arjun continue his job with part time studies. Gradually Arjun opened his own company.

“It is time I must start looking for Aarti’s marriage. Did she already like someone.?? “talking to himself, Arjun was walking in the garden, He stumbled upon something. It was a strange artifact. Seems like some sort of historic tablet. He picked and observed it. There was some “Pattern” engraved on it. It was incomplete.

“Oh, This is the second half of that piece I found 2 years ago.” He remembered.

It was late and Aarti had slept. Arjun tiptoed silently into the house. Aarti had placed the previous tablet in the showcase as a showpiece. He slowly opened the showcase, took it and came to his room. He slowly placed the two tablets side by side.

“Beautiful. Now this is complete.” He slides them to make them one.

He traced  his finger on the pattern engrossed on it. Suddenly it started to glow. There was sunshine like brightness in the dark room. There appears a Genie.

“My Master, your wish is my command. You have three wishes. Make your wishes. “Genie said.

“I had only two wishes. First, Aarti completes her study. Now which is already granted. Second, she gets married and live a happy and prosperous life.” Arjun said.

Genie swooshes. “As you say, Your wish is my command.” And disappeared.

“Brother, He is Aarush. He works in my office. I like him. If you permit I want to get married to him. “Said Aarti over the breakfast, showing him photo on her mobile.

Pin drop silence prevailed on the table

“Bring him to my office today. 2 PM sharp. I have international clients coming over at 3:30 PM “Arjun smiled.

“You are the bestest brother in this world. You are my Genie. You made all my wishes come true. Thanks for being there.” Said Aarti teary-eyed hugged him.

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Thank you

Thank you
for cheating
On me.

Thank you
for breaking
my trust.

You helped
me in



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My treasure??

Write about a treasure you have.

This is a prompt of a “7 day long writing festival” on a bloggers group I follow. I wanted to participate but backed off due to rakhi. I am travelling from 5th of the month till 9th. But this prompt  made me think.  I am writing this in the car while my 5 months kiddo takes her power nap in my lap. (oh yes,  she rarely sleeps more than 20-30 mins in one go)

Is this girl sleeping in my lap is my treasure??  Or this man sitting to my right driving the car, whom I loved like anything is my treasure?  Or my mother who made me what I am today,  or others who have taught me, shown me the true colors of this wicked world ?? (oh but yes am really thankful to those people). Or books, my first vehicle or any of these material things I have, or these friends, family or any other immaterial relationship. What treasure I have??

This prompt made me think real deep. What is that ACTUAL treasure I have?
Nothing from the above list qualify 110%. I thought a lot. To be frank, I didn’t love anything from the above para that much, so that I can say I will  cherish it as a treasure.

Since last few years I have seen a lot, learned a lot. And now I realize that I love myself the most. Yes you can call me selfish if you want.  What I think is,  we love others only till they are helping, or in some way or the other, are aiding towards achievement of our goals. I won’t be stretching this long. Those who understand will understand, those who don’t will never will.

So here it is. What I love most and want to cherish,  want to behold as my treasure is ME. The treasure I have is the feeling of self-realization towards myself and this life. I no more love anyone but me.

P.S – This post is really impromptu and has no intention to hurt anybody’s feeling.

P. P. S – Who cares!! I learned and now I am happy 🙂

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-“We promise each other to share everything and will never fight. If there is something bothering one we will tell the other one.”
-“Yes sweetheart,  we will” he agrees.

-“If it’s my fault, let me know, tell me directly. Never stop talking.”
-“how can i live without talking to you baby? ” he kissed her and said.


Misha’s heart echoed those words everytime, she tries to sleep in all those sleepless nights. Sleepless not because of her kid though. It’s been 10 days.. 10 days of silence.  Shantanu was not talking to her calls neither replying to messages. She was not sure what is the reason. No, she was not crying. She promised Shantanu she will never shed tears, and she is keeping it.

She was going mad thinking what has she done. What went wrong? She started blaming herself.

She was somehow coping from postpartum depression all by herself. In this blame game she sees herself as the culprit. But no, she is not. Rather she is the victim. Yes, in this phase where she is going through PPD , baby blues and weak emotional breakdown, She was expecting Shantanu to be with her. To understand her. Care for her.

She trusted Shantanu more than herself. She was infact going to be like him. So practical.

There was a flood of memories and thoughts and questions.

Why in any relationship trust get weakens. Why it can’t be intact?

Why 2 people generate misunderstanding due to others?? Any relationship will last long when we trust.

Why because of others their relationship is getting affected and is at stake??

Why why??

Startled, at 3:17 am, wakes up by her kid’s cry.

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बारीक़ कंकरों की चोट से
भी गिर पडूँगी मैं, सुनो हो ।

जर्जराती दिवार सी हूँ अब मैं ।


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Survivor #AToZChallenge Reflection

Last year, when I came to know about this, I decided to participate next year, that is 2017. I forgot, until I came across the theme reveal post on 20th March.

I shared this with my mother and she said, “why can’t you? , You can. At least you should try”. Her words were the real encouragement.

It was my first year participating in A to Z Challenge. And noowww….Yippee. I am so proud of me. I completed. I survived.. Yooohoooo!!

It was not at all easy for me to complete this challenge
While, in post delivery confinement, I was not sure if it’s even possible for me to do this.

I wrote posts on the day they posted. As I had not pre – drafted any of the posts or decided on theme or anything, I wrote letters from A to Z in a column and their respective words in front of them. Daily I take a word and write, that’s it. Now that was the real challenge. Isn’t it?? Well, for next year I hope I prepare posts beforehand on some nice theme.

My mother used to ask me daily ” which letter is it today? Did you submitted today’s post? ” That’s another reason for me to survive.

Pain, depression, baby blues, sleepless days and nights. All these had a mixed effect on my writings. There were days “I quit, nothing will happen” then there were days “come on Anami, you are not this weak, let’s do it”

I commented on various blogs and received much more comments and replies. Till letter M when at mother’s home it was great, I wrote, I commented, I shared. But after that it became a bit difficult. But anyways I am happy I survived.


I tried sticking to “Her learnings”. These were poems,..Simple, short and straight. And in the process I learned a lot. Life is a learning process.

It had become a ritual throughout April, to write and write and write. Writing and thinking about writing was on my priority list. I was myself surprised,with the kid, how I was able to complete. Thinking process was continuously going on, while I was eating, walking, brushing teeth, feeding the kid, or even talking. I experienced the dual thought process. Talking to someone and drafting post in mind.

Then current circumstances helped me a lot in writing and writing helped a lot in handling those situations.

That’s the beauty of nature power. Everything is connected.

Thankful to those who commented, liked and shared my scribblings.

Apologies to those on whose blog I was unable to react, but I will definitely do that in near future.

Kudos and congratulations to all of us who successfully survived the challenge.

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Zenith #AToZChallenge

She lives
In peace

She took
The Challenge
Completed and
Learned lessons.

Lived life
At zenith
Of salvation
Of Satisfaction
Beyond expectations.

Wisdom more
Than her age.

She lived
In peace.

And Now
She rests
In peace.


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