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eBook Review – Because by Namratha Varadharajan

because someone had to say it

Book at a glance

Book Name – Because Someone Had to Say it!
Author – Namratha Varadharajan
Genre – Poetry
Number Of Pages- 90

One line review – GO READ IT !! You won’t regret. Thank me later.

If you want to read a real good poetry collection this one is for you. Each poem is unique in itself. Number one it is associated with a cause, secondly you will get to know about the different forms of the poetry. You will find poems on major social issues like environment and women empowerment in this book. Kudos to you Namratha. Writing in a particular form and on a specific cause, is not at all an easy task.

This collection of poems is a shout out to those who had immense strength when life dealt them an unfair hand, for those making this world a kinder and greener place to live in and for those not even whispering for themselves. BECAUSE Someone had to say it.

From conservation of forest to saving trees to Olive Ridley (a rare sea turtle). You will get to know about Channapatna toys, Pizza grannies, Goonj and many more social works and encouragements. You will find poems against few social taboos such as body shaming, rape culture, child marriage, periods, and what not.

You will get a feeling of proud, pity, fear, courage, responsibility all at the same time when you read this book. And for the extra topping on the cake, you will learn about many forms of poetry. Acrostic, free verse, Tanka, Haiku are commonly used forms. In this you will see the FIB, Shadorma, Magic 9, Naani to name a few.

Setting Sun
thousand scattered clouds
ablaze in sun’s wave goodnight,
beautiful indeed:
how in the blink of an eye
this moment shall pass me by.

All the poems in the book are amazing in their form and the cause they are written for. The above one is my favorite. Few lines i would like to highlight here –

I tap
and a butterfly flies away
We tap
and symphonic thunderclap

I did not wish to have a girl
bring her into this deviled world.
Humanity died yesterday-
How can I talk of hope today?

They think they taunt me
by calling me “Mitti”.
But, I am proud
to be like this earth.

Do you need me to save you?
Do you need me to love you?
Well, maybe if you are worthy
I shall rescue you too.

About the Author “Namratha Varadharajan”

Namratha Varadharajan is a wife of one and mom of two adorable boys by day and poet by night. She has meandered her way to find her passion lies in writing, more specifically in writing verse. You can read more of her work at

Grab your copy and take a dip in the great poetry. Download here

P.S – Namratha, I followed your instructions and really enjoyed reading the last poem the way you mentioned.  😛  Thanks.

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InstaGita by Nupur Maskara – eBook Review



Book at a glance

Book Name – InstaGita
Author – Nupur Maskara
Genre – Poetry
Number Of Pages- 74

The Bhagavad Gita is a unique text. Short but power packed. The Bhagavad Gita is part philosophy, part self-help, part poetry. Translations can be enigmatic and commentaries can suck the life out of its verses. This book summarizes the Gita and presents Arjuna’s reaction to Krishna’s words, as Everyman, in poetry. Arjuna gets little air time in the Gita. As Everyman, he voices our dilemmas on being human and trying to follow the path of the Gita.

As the name suggests InstaGita is really a quick peek into the Bhagvad Gita at large. The author has converted each chapter of Bhagvad Gita into poetry form that too from Arjun’s perspective. This is what I liked the most. Normally Bhagvad Gita is in the form of “shoulds and musts” as narrated by Shri Krishna. But it is very important to know the practical side that is from Arjun’s side. That is “how” can we implement it. This book summarizes the Gita and presents Arjuna’s reaction to Krishna’s words, as Everyman, in poetry. Great job done, Nupur.

Apart from the great design and the cover the overall book is a treat to your eyes, The way each page is designed according to the chapters it is worth appreciation.

Some excerpts from the book –

Chapter 1

It’s a fight on the battlefield and within the self, as
Arjuna tries to muster the resolve to war against
family. A difficult choice indeed.

Chapter 3

I try to turn a
Blind eye
Deaf ear
Numb nose
Bland taste

Chapter 7

You’re within me and not
For if you are in me
Why is it so tough
To do the right thing?

Chapter 9

Your needs are so simple, K
Why then do we feast?
Make ourselves sick
Repent then repeat?

Chapter 15

The tree of life’s upside down
It draws strength from my guna
I must cut off its water
Close my mind’s eye
To temptation
Hack again and again
Until this tree falls
In the sky.

I can keep on adding all the chapters, Such is the temptation after reading this book. You MUST read it yourself and feel the depth. GO Grab your copy of InstaGita here

About the Author “Nupur Maskara”

Nupur Maskara is short and likes writing short stuff that packs a punch. Expectedly, she began her career in advertising and is now in  content writing. Her friends have branded her frequent blonde moments as Nupurisms. Read more of her work at


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पुस्तक समीक्षा – मनसा eBook Review – Mansa by Rashi Roy


पुस्तक का नाम – मनसा ।

लेखिका – राशी रॉय ।

शैली – कविताएं ।

यूँ तो  “मनसा” अर्थात मन से उत्पन्न  कुछ कवितायेँ होता है , परन्तु लगता है कवियत्री ने पाठक के मन में भी झाँका हैं |


मैं समझ नही पा रही हूँ कि शुरुआत कहाँ से और कैसे करूँ । इतनी बेहतरीन और उम्दा कविताओं को पढ़कर मैन प्रफुल्लित हो गया । हालांकि कविताओं की संख्या सिर्फ ८ है, परन्तु उनमे जो भाव है वो अनगिनत है । किताब तीन भागों में है । कवित्री ने पहले भाग “रिश्ते” में किसी भी इंसान के सबसे महत्वपूर्ण दो रिश्ते ‘माँ’ और ‘पिता’ के ऊपर अदभुद रचनाये रची है । दूसरे भाग”देशप्रेम” में हमारे देश के प्रति जो वीर रस की रचना की है वो अवश्य ही पाठकों के हृदय में भाव उत्पन्न करेंगे । तीसरे और अंतिम भाग में इन्होंने “मन से” निकली कुछ कविताएं लिखी है जो सीधे सीधे पाठक के मन को छूती है ।


एक बात जो मुझे नही भाई वो ये की एक बार पढ़ना शुरू करते ही बहुत जल्द समाप्त हो गई । अगर कुछ और कविताये होती तो बेहतर होता ।


कुछ अंश जो मेरे मन को भा गए  –


माँ –

ये बात जुबां पे कभी आयी नहीं की मुझको कितना प्यार है माँ से,

सच तो ये है की मेरी हर सांस है माँ से |


बाबा – 

आज भी रोती हूँ छुपके जब भी बाबा की याद आती है..


अगर आप कविताओं में रूचि रखते है तो आपको यह पुस्तक अवश्य पढनी चाहिए | अपनी प्रति डाउनलोड करे यहाँ से


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Who shall I be today ??

Name : Who shall I be today?
Author : Sunita Saldhana
Genre : Poety
Publisher : Partridge India
No. Of pages : 57
ISBN : 978-1-4828-6924-8
Source : Sunita Saldhana


About the Writer : Sunita Saldhana, is absolutely the one who not only lives her life but observe the emotions and pen them down. She calls herself, “a retired mom”, and is now enjoying a full time writer’s life. She started writing at an age of 13, and now in early 50s she is inspiring many others.

One line review – 40 Poems and even more faces and emotions of a woman.

There are two types of writings : Number one – is penning down one’s own feelings and emotions which s/he is going through or have had seen in past. Number two – imaginary i.e. not experienced personally. After reading Sunita Saldhana’s poems i wonder if she ever have had gone through ALL of these ?? And if yes then it takes a great courage to give words to some harsh feelings (I love you but.. ;  Just a little Glad)

Being a woman is not at all easy. She has to go through a lot. Being a daughter to seeing her own daughter getting married. Experience and understand her husband and in-laws. Be a mother, watching the baby walk and then slowly fleeing the nest. Among all these she has a small corner of “her very own self”. Witnessing the loneliness, going through that terrifying silence, wearing a different mask every other day.

With a great start on how “words” help her or anyone and what role they play the entire life, writer successfully scribbled all the sentiments through a woman’s glasses.

My thought for a poem was small, crisp and rhyming words. Sunita Saldhana defies this and shows that rhyming and small lines are not mandatory for a great heart touching poem.

Every lady must definitely read this. It shows simple and sometimes complex things going on in a woman’s life in simple words. Their is nothing so much special about the book. Reader does not have to scratch the head for making out the interpretation alike most of the poems. Nothing vague but everything clear. This books just depicts the most common and regular thoughts of a lady. And that is it. Simple straight truth from the heart.

It shows different roles of a women. From a daughter, lover, teacher to mother and a house wife. Different phases a woman goes through is so finely expressed. Love, fear, desire, hurt, pain, and the courage to overcome everything.

A woman can never be “just” a woman.

What I liked most is the magic book has. While reading, there was a constant smile on my face. Happy smile and more of  a smile of pity. I started and I cannot put away the book until I finished the last page. I read it twice. Sunita Saldhana gave Sorrow, pain and distress a larger pie than happiness and joy. To young readers, that may push down with its low vibes. It could have been better if she would have talked more of positive part of a woman’s life.

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When She Smiled – Book Review

This is my first ever book review..though i got late, i managed 😉

When She Smiled

Book at a glance

Book Name – When She Smiled
Author – Ritoban Chakrabarti
Genre – Young love, Romantic fiction, Drama
Number Of Pages- 217
ISBN: 978-93-84878-25-2
Publisher- Notionpress
Price : 215 Rs.
Source – Blogadda

This is a young love story from Shimla.

About the Author “Ritoban Chakrabarti”

This is Ritoban’s debut novel, but it doesn’t seems so. His writing is very simple and close to the readers’ heart. He is an entrepreneur.  Like any other person with typical business mind he started his own internet marketing company, right after college.  Congratulations to the author for his debut novel.

Here it goes –

This is a “sweet n sour” love story of 15 year old ‘Roy’ as all used to call him. He is Mriyunjoy Roy. He spent almost a decade in beauty of Shimla. He wants more than what his academic oriented family expects from him.

He is very excited joining his DAV school again after 2 years. Many things changed and many things are the same. Like every other love story his life is going fantastic till ‘Akanksha’ enters his life. He is enchanted with her beauty, looks and obviously her smile (as the title suggests 😉 )

The other characters in the story are chosen wisely as well. Roy’s parents were very particular about his studies. Their fights on petty issues annoys Mrityunjoy a lot. But his elder brother “Sid” and sister “Ashima” are the ones who guided and helped him in all walks of life.

Author explained everything in detail. Especially the scenic beauty of Shimla and Kasauli. While reading, you can’t help but actually imagine and live it. Author has very well described the meaning of relationships and love seen through the prism of a 15-year old boy. You can actually get into the shoes of a 15 year boy and feel about everything he goes through..his feelings, his hurt, his happiness, his jealousy, his insecurity and much more. Almost all emotions are very well expressed. Going through the turmoil of teenage crush, love, heartbreaks and humiliations, Mrityunjoy Roy, the protagonist of the story comes to terms with his destiny.

The beautiful picturization through words of the road side walks, mountains, trees have a mesmerizing effect on the reader. Author has described each and every scene in great detail. This sometimes slows down the pace of reading. I myself skipped some lines sometimes. 😉

Initially they are like perfect love birds, made for each other types.  First love, first feeling, Mrityunjoy’s excitement to talk to Akanksha, his prepaeration for the walks from dressing style to talking manners – everything is very good to read and it might remind you your teenage days. While in school and tuition teen love flies. and is not untouched with misunderstandings and mini arguments like in any relationship. But it takes two wings to fly, Ashima did’nt understood Roy’s love for her or there must be something else in Roy’s destiny. It is rightly said that its all in fate. And whatever happens, happens for a reason and there is something good Whatever’s meant to happen, will happen.

In life, a few things are always left unattended and where you cannot explain your part of the story to others and cannot claim ownership in any way possible of what they think about you.

Climax is what i personally liked very much. It’s not a happy ending love story but ends FOR happiness. “When She Smiled” a perfect title, which is justified from the beginning till the end.

It all started with “a smile” and ended with “a smile”.

I would recommend this for the teenagers who believe in love at first sight without understanding the real meaning of love. Or the ones still not spoiled by the love. Or simply, for one who wants to go back to older times because they may have experienced parts of the story themselves.

This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

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