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Ah!! These Girls

Listening to a Bollywood Hindi song.. In this blog post I am analyzing how it also shows the fun and lighter side of a girl-boy relationship. Yes girls are like this only. All they need is just love and care..

Song goes like this –

Agar main kahoon mujhe tumse mohabbat hai / If I tell you I love you
Meri bas yehi chaahat hai toh kya kahogi / and you are my only wish, what will you do?

Girl :
Main tumse kahoongi,  / I will tell you
is baat ko agar tum / If you would have said this thing
Zara aur saja ke kehte, zara ghooma-phira ke kehte / indirectly and in good way,
To achcha hota / then it would have been better


Ok fine.. He loves truly, what he can do.. He tries.. Boy tries to express his love ‘thoda ghuma fira ke‘ see how he symbolize his feelings for her.

Boy :
Tumko jab dekhoon lagti ho jaise nayi  / When I see you, you look new/fresh
Honthh hain pankhadi phool ki  / Lips are like petals of flower
Aankhein jaise jugnu chamke huwe / Eyes are like fire-flies
Soche mera ye dil dhadakte huwe / This is what my heart thinks while beating
Agar main kahoon / If I tell you
Agar main kahoon ye jo chehra hai  / If I tell you that this face of yours
Jaise koyi chaand hai toh kya kahogi  / is like moon, then what will you say?


Girl is not happy with even this effort..well girls have a god gift of finding mistakes and faults in almost everything.. How can this go un-judged. Why over expecting gal??

Girl :
Main tumse kahoongi  / I will tell you
Mujhko bhoole se bhi chaand tum na kaho  / Don’t ever say me moon
Chaand mein toh kayin daag hai / Because even moon has scars
Mujhe phool na kehna woh murjhaate hain  / Don’t say me flower, coz they also get dry
Jugnu bhi na kehna woh kho jaate hain / Don’t say me fire-fly, they get lost


Again she want him to say in some other better way, than that would have been better

And when the boy surprised by listening to her replies doesn’t know how to say and what to say. Headed to leave in vain after so much effort and failing in love.

Then finally girl agrees her love as well..watching him going she says –
‘When this is the saying of both the hearts, then why to say it’


arey pagli, pahle kya Chinese me bola tha kya bechare bande ne’

That innocent guy is saying so clearly his love for the gal and she is dying for some dramatic version. When he do even that, she finds lack in that also.

It happens. Girl is toh spending time with boy, roaming like close friends mmm… more like gf -bf but not understanding his feelings. He had done many things that ‘just-a-friend’ will never do. Indirectly he have had expressed many times his feelings and anyone ‘except that girl’ can easily see and understand that. His eyes can easily be read. And after all this, even if someone comes and try to make her understand about that, her reaction will be like ‘okaaay,but yar usne kabhi directly toh bola hi nahi’

Girls don’t want to see indirect expression, she want things to be said directly. And when he says so crystal clearly she says thoda ghuma ke kahte to achha hota

Ufff… So complicated girls are.. bahan, pahle khud to decide karle chahti kya hain’

P.S. – my first take on humor. May be not that a great read, but if you smiled even once, I am inspired.
P.P.S. – translation done by Google baba 😛

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Ek Deewana Tha

This sunday (15 July 2012) – Ek Deewane ke naam.

umm..a nice movie..actually more than nice.. Like a smooth poetry in motion, a well picturised smooth / light movie it is. Love never comes easy 😉 is what it says.

Seems more to be a real life, simple and natural experience than a bollywood masala movie. May be thats why didn’t HIT the box office so hard.

Well, nothing to say much, simple movie with simple casting. Prateek is awesome and  so as Amy.

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AR Rahman and Javed Akhthar is always a great combination. Great songs. Great acting. Natural Dialouges steals the show.

Everyone has a story of a movie in his / her life. Afterall, Real life is the book from where Reel life gets the stories. isn’nt it?

Saaf dil hona jaruri he, tabhi Jessi milegi. But for Jessi, dont live in confusion. Confusion always lead to wrong decisions in life.

Be determined. Never lose focus.

Nothing is DIFFICULT. You need to just chase your dreams.

Another movie with a happy ending.

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Watching rockstar-

listen to ur heart.

luck and hardwork both work simultaneously.

fine line between like n love.

dont live in confusion.

film with not a happy ending.

its all about lust

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