Wordless Wednesday

The Decision

Misha from last few, rather more than few incidents she was more fed up than irritated.

Misha is constantly in the dilemma whether to share her mind set, with Shantanu or not. Her “upset-cum-agitated” mind is making her mad. In her full term, she don’t want to be in any trouble due to her mental state.

On one hand, she has one thought of avoiding the situation, and not increase any negative discussion on the topic. Another thought she has, that Shantanu should know everything. She knows, now she can’t handle the bundle of thoughts, and no more hold the sea of her compressed feelings inside her heart. Her heart is now overflowing and just a gentle strike will spill it out. She need to put “what’s-going-on-in-her-mind” out, and free herself.

First she thought Shantanu will blame only her that how can she say anything about his side of family. But on the second thought she knew Shantanu will understand her and her perception. As Shantanu also knows their nature.

At last, after so many sleepless nights, She took a stand and finally decided to share her feelings with Shantanu.




But she didn’t..        Wordless, she was..




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काश !!


इतने आंसू देते हो तुम
काश , मेरे न होते तुम ।

इतने आंसू देती है तू
काश, मेरे हो जाए तू।

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Your Princess

Dig deep a
Finger in the ear
Trying to sleep
with that headache
In the loud noise of TV

Tolerate that neck pain
And close those eyes
Forcing her
Full self
Into your arms

When you sleep
Your back to her
That hurt like hell
But she never did

She can tolerate every pain
But not Your silence
She can face the whole world
Standing against her
Not you off facing her

You want her to be
She feels free with you
Be with her
Now and forever

She will love
You forever
And ever
Will be with you

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Have a Look Inside




A Scanner. Expected something very complicated inside. But see how simple it is !!

If your life is complicated make it simple..If your life is simple, don’t make it complicated !!

It’s us who make our life hard.

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