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मुझे क्या !!

मैंने तो किया है प्यार
तुम करो, न करो
मुझे क्या..

सबका ख़्याल है तुम्हे
मेरा हो न हो
मुझे क्या..

देखते तुम सब हो
समझा, करो न करो
मुझे क्या

मुझे तेरी जरुरत है
तुझे मेरी जरुरत हो न हो
मुझे क्या ..



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तब और अब

तब, सुबह उठते ही माँ का दुलार
अब, सुबह उठते से जिम्मेदारियों का भर

तब, ज़रा सी चोट पर बैंड ऐड लगवाना
अब, दर्द-ए-दिल भी किसी को न बताना

तब, काम करते  वक़्त कुछ होना और सब को बताना
अब, खुद ही जले का इलाज करना

तब, नींद न आए तो सुबह लेट उठना
अब, रात भर जाग कर भी जल्दी उठना

तब, दिल खोल कर बात करना
अब, दस ख़्यालों में आधा बोलना




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21 Random Facts About Me

21 Random Facts About Me.. It’s been long time when i read Ms. Anamika’s blog post about this. Such type of prompts ignite some thoughtfulness and make me think about myself. It helps to know myself better. We don’t know ourselves nearly as well, as we think we do. I fall in this categoty 😀

‘To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.’ – Socrates

Here are few really random and funny facts about me.

1. I never tasted tea. Yes it’s true!!

2. While dipping biscuit in my glass of milk (bournvita / or plain) oh yeas i still drink milk daily. I hold two parle-g back to back then dip. P

3. I do not really like cooking. Ok call me bad. (it is just the starting)

4. Don’t know dancing, though tried sometimes when alone 😉 , but just once on stage. I may be suffering from “stage fear”.

5. Very keen in technical things, gadgets, electronics etc. different softwares. Me being a girl, it surprises many people.

6. People say and now I also agree, I am too straight forward and don’t know how to talk or showoff.

7. Quite good at art work, designs, painting, creative work.

8. Started being myself now. Of course it is hard. You have to be bad in others’ view. Call me bad again. I don’t care anymore.

9. First page first, then last page, then backwards. Strange and funny but, yes I read newspaper like this only. 😛

10. Can write somewhat readable text with left hand 😛

11. Can do almost anything, after trying once.

12. Another non-girlish fact. 😛 I Don’t like sweets. I prefer savoury dish over something sweet.

13. Yet another non-girlish one. I am kinda color blind. Unlike other girls, I can’t properly understand different shades or ” ish ” in colors. Like magenta, mustard colour, sea green, parrot green, rani color, peach color, purple, violet etc.

14. While counting anything in hindi after “tees” (30) I go – thirty one, thirty two…

15. Many a times I pronounce “s” sound as “sh”. Like sys(h)tem, s(h)tart, s(h)tyle, s(h)tage, s(h)traight, fas(h)t.

16. I can type real fast.

17. When I am angry, I usually get silent. Can’t hide my expressions. My face says it all, specially anger and discomfort.


18. Noticed recently that I reset the plastic to it’s original shape (unlike second one in the pic) , after taking the tablet from the strip. ( first row is empty)




19. I was so introvert that i didn’t talked to anyone and had only one friend in childhood. 12 classes..3 schools..2 friends. Thanks to Facebook,  for connecting with some old fellas. Improvising and made few more awesome friends through blogging.

20. Since childhood when asked what i want in life or what my goal is “Name, Fame and Money” is my answer. 😛

21. I can bet, no one had ever done this much research, on one’s own name, as i have done. While introducing myself (school, college, wherever), the question i knew always coming up next is “what’s the meaning of your name?”

P.S. – 1. it’s a stage in meditation of Radha Swami mat..
2. In french “une ami” pronounced as Anami means ” A friend”
– please google for more information 🙂

Even you can try taking up this. It will be fun. I f you wish share your blog post link in the comment section below.


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Dip into Depression

Shantanu- what happened?
Misha – Nothing
Shantanu – OK. What’s for dinner?

Shantanu – Why you crying / upset ?
Misha – nothing.
Shantanu – haha, OK cry, cry.

Misha – You knew about this. Why didn’t you told me earlier?
Shantanu -I didn’t knew.
*Misha felt hurt, as she knew the truth. *

Misha just expected a little more care and pampering. If he had asked once more, showing that he cares, she would have poured out everything her heart had held for so long.

On one hand, she was happy and content, but on the other, she feels low, empty and alone.

Even a slightest harsh thing hurt her like anything. She realizes how tender her heart has become. Like an innocent child tears roll down from a simple talk.

In her third trimester it happens. Harmonal changes lead to mood swings and kind of depression. She cries for no reason. But there are many accumulated spots behind those tears. She is very well aware of actions and thoughts she is going through. His one loving touch and she breaks down. She wants to say, prepare words but instead of words from mouth, tears started flowing from eyes, non stop.

Misha knew she can never go into any such thing as depression, but she is also very well aware of what is happening to her and she can actually see it coming. It was just like she is letting “The devil” come in and can’t do anything.

Misha is a girl who is mostly quiet and is to herself. Never talked or shared her feelings, particularly sad and bad ones, with any one. Not even her mother or even Shantanu after the marriage. But deep inside she always wanted someone “that special one” with whom she can share her every single thought, (good, bad, sad, happy..) without giving it a second thought. Without the fear of being judged.

Just a little more care and she will be saved from dipping into depression.


If you think it isn’t happening to your loved ones, you’re wrong. So wrong. Ask them again and again and again. They will be reluctant at first, but then you need to prod.

It is not something that we don’t know or had never experienced. It is normal. We care for our loved ones and always wished their well being. Ask just one more time. #DobaraPoocho #BaarBaarPoocho

People who think twice before saying or doing anything, who do not open up their heart easily. They must be recognized and helped in bringing their thoughts out.

If you think you are strong enough and can’t get into depression, You are wrong. Depression is not something happening to only emotionally, or mentally week people.

My thought is, people who suppress their feelings and are strong, they only are more prone to such after affects. Yes, I call depression a after affect of being quietlyso much responsible and strong for too long. They take care of everyone and forget about taking care of self.

Let us all give them their share of care and save them from sinking into depression.

P.S. – #DobaraPoocho

This blog post is inspired by a video of “Live Love Laugh” foundation launched by actress Deepika Padukone, which deals with depression and helps people suffering from it.

The foundation recently released an ad about how we miss out on everyday cues by our loved ones, which only worsens their condition. One should prod loved one on seeing the slightest signs of unhappiness.

Quoting from foundation –

It creeps in with silent feet, sits calmly in your heart and runs havoc in your brain. More often than not, we don’t even get to know we’ve been hit by it. Mostly, it’s just a feeling of being “a bit off” or “not myself” that’s dismissed as a phase.

Watch the full video here:

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It’s a dream

From last few days I was trying on some lucid dreaming. Yes,  lucid dreaming means conscious dreaming.

Science says,  there are conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind.  When we are awake our conscious mind is active. We are aware (so called) of everything. But when we are asleep our subconscious mind works. This is where the dreams come from.

Lucid dreaming is not that easy. When you try doing it, conscious mind can’t go completely inactive. And then You can’t sleep when your mind is working. It is like a vicious circle.

Now, what I am experimenting is being aware in dreams. That is knowing that i am dreaming. My first logic is whenever something unusual happens, I ask “is this a dream? “. Sounds easy huh ?? but it’s not that easy. We are so used to and habitual to dreams that we don’t even realize when we dream. We take it as reality until we wake up.

Second, I ask,  “what happened few moments back?” , “how I reached here?”. It happens only in dreams that we suddenly land up at some random place or situation. We don’t know what happened earlier and how we came at that place.

It happens in dream that our two sets of people we know assemble together at one place. Like, in one of my dreams i have my school and college friends gathered at one place and interacting,. They don’t know each other in real lives but they do in my dreams.

From above practices and experimenting, i learned a bit aobut Lucid Dreaming. Sometimes it happens that we can’t differentiate between dream and reality unless something unusual / unwanted happens. Like, I remember once I lost my mobile.. Then I asked myself where did I forgot it, when I saw it last time. Chill, this is a dream. Mobile is safe 😛

In the same scene earlier, I was in a marriage. Don’t know whose, don’t know what place, all unknown people. Which does not happens normally. Point here is,  my mind didn’t questioned anything unless my mobile was lost. And then, as my conscious mind started waking and realising that it is a dream, I was no more dreaming. Sigh.

Still need more practice. Learning is a continuous process and am learning.

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Don’t Fall

You can never win from a Machiavellian, insidious and canny person. And trust me, don’t even try.

No, I am not telling you that you can’t win. You definitely can. I know you can and you will win. But in that process you will lose your peace of mind.

You will end up becoming someone you never want to be.

It’s like they will drag you to their level and then defeat you with their experience.

So it’s better you don’t get into the mess and ensure peace.

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How to keep a secret ??



Never tell your secrets to anyone.

If YOU can’t keep it,

how can THEY ??

P.S – As simple as that 😉

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Came across this on some FB group. It ignited a war of words within me. It’s always been a topic of debate.


Yes I am from that generation. (Most of us are.) I was one of those kids. I had seen my mother sacrificing everything only to make us happy. Somewhere deep down I also had that feeling that sacrifice is the only way to live.

This type of conditioning need to be changed. Of course, parents are not doing this intentionally. They are not telling or teaching their children to sacrifice for other’s happiness. They are just doing what they have learnt by watching their parents. And their children see them and learn. Children learn what they see.

As the time passes and kids grow up, it becomes a habit. Sacrificing and compromising is now a part of  the behavior. As a kid and still in teenage, they continue to think of others (definitely our loved ones) before “own self”. This mindset, if not changed and, if freezes deep down in roots of mind, will do no good but bad. So,this wiring need a repair-maintenance in today’s world.

Time has changed and so should we.

I am not saying that don’t think about others at all. It is like “don’t think of others at the cost of your own self”. As I grow up I realized that it is more important to make “yourself” happy before others. Whenever making others happy calls for a sacrifice or a compromise, never take that call. If ever you do or if you have to then don’t call it a relation. It was just a give-take business.

NOW I am shifting focus of my camera to “myself” from others.

Now, I am not going to sacrifice any damn thing for anyone out there. Yes you heard me right.. I won’t. Till now I had done what I did. Now I will live my own life.. making ME happy first.. then others.

Ask yourself – Happy me or happy others ?? I agree I am not that that kind who will always be happy to make others happy (and myself unhappy). I will be happy if I am happy. Without sacrifices without compromises. As simple as that.

Let us live our OWN life happily.


I started loving myself and will going to be happy. JUST FOR ME.. YES CALL ME SELFISH.


One of my very good friend told me. She is so true saying this.

“Khud ke liye bahut baar bura banana padta he. And when this happens you learn better that it is just you and yourself who matters.”


So, Come on world call me bad, call me selfish, call me arrogant but this is me.. This is happy me and free me.


P.S. alright I am taking this risk of writing this. I challenged myself to be me and no more hiding. No hard feelings.

P.P.S – I do not care for what people think of me. What i think of myself is what matters. Breaking my “statue” in your hands.

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No Man’s Land

Familiarity breeds contempt.

Very true it is. The more you are familiar, more are the chances of loosing your respect. The more you are close, (let’s talk with respect to country, person or anything) much more are the chances of disturbances.

Abundance of any particular thing decreases it’s value, closeness of countries give rise to political disturbances, and freeness with a person causes misunderstanding.

There should always be a ‘No-man’s land’. Be it physical between borders or between relations.

If there be faith, love and trust, then, is there really any need of this No-man’s land?

I personally do not believe and agree with this. If trust is there in any relationship then familiarity can’t breed contempt at all. And if it does then there is just a formality not a relationship.

Once you take that place / person as your own is there really a need to maintain that space??

Why should anyone create a scenario or some background before saying anything. May be because s/he is afraid of the reaction of the other person. May be s/he thinks that it may be understood wrong, or will get hurt or hurt someone. May be the listener don’t understand the thing in the same way s/he trying to say. But again the reason for this lack of trust??

One more reason I can think of this is a person’s conditioning. We, (specially ‘Indian girls’) are wired to say, act and behave in such a way that no one gets hurt, even at the cost of her own feelings and sacrifices. And evidently it happens that the person just keep on thinking of the pros and cons of the conversation.

Pure and true relation does not need any background to say or discuss something. We can say clearly whatever we want and the other person will understand it in the same way.

This reminds me of a movie ‘Drishyam’. Where in the end Ajay Devgan so diplomatically answers their question. That is my favorite part. It was rather necessary at that particular moment. Because those standing in front of him are not his own people, nor they are attached in any way. So it was necessary. His direct words would have definitely gone against him. But this should not happen with our loved ones.


There is a saying in Hindi ‘अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत् ‘ means ‘too much of anything is bad’

But I am not talking about that ‘too much’ here. What we are discussing here is just to be free with someone / something and the need of No-man’s land.

Say it be between countries; things-fruits, veggies, other eatables, usable or any other damn thing ; husband-wife, brother-sisters, friends, parents, or any other relation.

What are your thoughts on this, let me know in the comment section below.

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You be happy, I am satisfied..and I don’t care what you think.

Time : 9:45 AM

1. Report
2. Prepare presentation
3. Accounts check

“Report is almost complete, two more tasks for the day. Wow..good job Mish”. Misha appreciate herself as she was about to cross off the first one from the jotted down to-do tasks list.

Tring Tring.. She picks the phone.

“What is the progress on the report we discussed about in morning. It’s been half an hour. Complete it asap.”

“Ok” she replied and hung up. “Come on Mish ignore. It’s the habit.” she smiled and said to self.

She completed the report and gives to her senior.

“See, I yelled and made her complete the report.” Her senior thinks and fed the ego.

Misha returned to her cabin, cross the first item in the to-do list, smiles, and start working on presentation.

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कहना चाहू कितना कुछ
पर कुछ कह न सकूँ
ख़यालों के इस सैलाब में
तैर न सकूँ

मिले न सुकून
न ही चैन
ये कैसे है रिश्ते
जहाँ हूँ इतनी बैचैन

ना रही ये
ज़िन्दगी न वो
टूटते दिखे पुराने अटूट
अटूट रिश्ते थे जो

नए रिश्ते बन गए
पुराने कहीँ बिखर गए
ये कैसी परीक्षा है चल रही
न इस पार न उस की रही

सारे भ्रम टूटने लगे
अपने पराये होने लगे
सब लगने लगा बेमानी
अपनों के ही बीच में

अकेली रह गई “नामी”

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Say NO to Smelly Homes !!

“Household Odour” – one of the most difficult task to get rid of it for any housewife.

There are many smells in a household. Right from entering home the smell of shoe rack, then as you enter the bedroom the foul smell of wet towels, from the wardrobe to right to the “kitchen tadka” smell. The smell struggle is awful.

First and foremost remedy for all sort of smell is the cleanliness. Try and keep your home nicely clean and tidy all days. So that you don’t have to rush when guests are there.

Here are some remedies to home smells i use. These are really helpful to keep you homes guest-ready always. Ladies, In this tech-savvy world lets be some home savvy. 🙂

How i fight with house odour.. Some simple tips go like this –

1. Shoe smell can easily be cured by keeping a crumbeled newspaper into them. Yes, it is that easy. Give it a try.

shoe smell

Crushed newspaper in shoes

2. For the wardrobe, as a traditional freshener i used to put those “white Naphthalene balls” in the shelves. But they play the opposite role and clothes began to smell like it. Then a new way which i follow now is to put a peice of chalk. It absorbs the humidity and repells the odour. Also keep an eye over the clothes when you put them in. They must be free from “after iron smell”. Let them dry complete and then only show them their place in the wardrobe.

refrigerator smell

Squeezed out lemon in fridge

3. Next comes the refrigerator. As you open the door mixture of smells enter your nostrils. There may be good ones also but too many of them make the result worse. Specially when you have some culprits like home made butter, fruits, cheese etc. in your fridge. The most common mistakes women do is they put everything open, in there. Try to put everything in a closed container, as far as possible. Or just cover with plates. And for the safe side put a used squeezed out lemon on the door of the fridge. That’s it. P.S – don’t forget to tell your husband about it, otherwise he will throw it out. 😉

4. Now a days all houses have combined lat/baths , which increase the smell problem. The simple way to the toilet smell and the humid bathroom smell is to keep a small bowl of some raw salt in a corner. That will work like a charm.


Small Dustbin

Small Dustbin

5. The most obvious source and the main contributor to the house smell..Yes you guessed right. A Dustbin. The very simple trick for it is use a small one. 😉 Yes simple and smart trick. The sooner it will fill, sooner it will get empty. Or you can also develop a routine to throw out garbage daily.

6. Every man loves good food. Ask the wife how her nose feels like while preparing that finger licking food. The tadka smell, particularly for garlic, ginger, green chillies, i always have a running & irritated nose everytime i put this tadka. Use chimneys and exhaust fans whenever possible and open gallery gates and windows if you have. The most common trick for this is to cover the vessel the moment you put tadka. Not only smell will speard less also your kitchen walls will not get spoiled.

And finally, after all this, and daily cleanliness if it may happen that your house is smelling odour and guests are on their way. Bingo. Just use Ambi Pur Air Effect. Mind it not any other just room fresher. Ambi pur is not a room fresher. It does not just help by covering the odours it helps remove them completely! You may even use it daily. It helped me a lot.

Some other tips are –

1. Ventilation – Make sure your house has a nice ventilation system. You can open the windows and put on the fan on medioum speed for some time. It will help removing bad smell.

2. Sunlight – The best natural remedy. In this monsoon season, its not regular but whenever you can, use it. Put shoes and wet clothes in sunlight when and where possible. If sunlight comes inside your home then open that door / window and let the “power of sun” come in. It will refresh your home.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.”

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Smelly To Smiley – Easier done than said !!

Smell – it can be  both pleasant and bad. Scent and Odour. Here in this blog post we are  talking only about those unpleasant ones. The odours. It will spoil your whole day if it is the first thing to get into your senses in the morning. It can be of anything. Shoes, wet socks, towels, kitchen tadka, bathrooms, toilets, wardrobe etc. There are many ways how i battle these household odours. And these are real simple. Apart from these common sources of household odours some outside sources are also responsible.

Now coming back to “smell”. My recent observation is ‘smell” is subjective in nature. What I found as a odour – a bad and unpleasant smell – may not be bad for you. Blogadda along with Ambi Pur came up with the perfect contest #SmellyToSmiley. This is what i was actually gone through in last two months. Thanks Team Blogadda.

Goa Greenery

Goa Greenery

Seren Goa

Seren Goa

 I very well remembered. It was my first day in Goa. It is beautiful, really just simply beautiful. And as we were heading towards hotel from the airport, I was enjoying the serene views of nature and literally engrossed in the greenery.

As we reached hotel and the moment I stepped out from that AC Innova..oh my my.. all my senses are back to reality. The first thing I did was to cover my nose. It was the first step of my ‘smell struggle ‘ in Goa. May be there is a trenching ground just behind the hotel. Around that white shed (middle right side) in the photo below. When i entered the hotel then i literally took a sigh of relief.

Goa Hotel

View from hotel room’s window

We shifted from hotel to our flat in panjim after four days. It’s a nice place, a nice society. Now in mornings the first thing I smell when I open my kitchen’s window is fish. Yes, in these two months I had developed a good “smell sense” for differentiating ‘non veg smell’ from ‘veg smell’. 😉

Being a pure veggie is great but it’s really a big task to survive here in Goa. Yaaraan da imaan whisky..Uspe chicken ho to hor wadiya, this song is what i remember everytime i go market. Every road, every gully you go, what you smell is just chicken and alcohol.

Another place where I have to struggle “smell” is this market place. It’s the closest to our home.. but trust me I had never gone there the second time. And here is another proof for smell being subjective.

vegetables & non-veg at one place

vegetables & non-veg at one place

Nevertheless it’s a real nice and clean city. Everyday at 5:30 PM this garbage truck comes and collect the garbage from the huge garbage bin which is  right outside of our society. If my window of drawing room is opened and I may be in kitchen I can tell you it’s 5:30 and those guys have came. But to my wonder they look so chilled out & they are just sitting without any masks. No offence. They may be used to that smell. That’s why I said smell is subjective.

Clean Goa

View from my drawing room’s window

After so much smell struggle outside, with a “smelly filled nose” when I enter my home, it’s the real bliss. After all this, the best place for me is my home. The “Home Sweet (smelling) Home”. Thanks to Ambi Pur. (Really, it is the one reason i am still in Goa. LOL 😛 )

To all the above “smellys” i use just one measure and all this is gone, and I actually go Smiley from that Smelly expression. That is why it is called Ambi Pur “Air Effect” and not a “Room Freshener” It’s Really Really different and awesome. . .

If i am not going out and at home, I feel so afresh and radiant all day long. There are many fragrances in ambi pur like ‘Sweet Citrus and Zest‘ & ‘lavender- vanilla‘  but my favorite is ‘Blossoms and breeze‘ though my husband likes ‘Spring and Renewal’ more.

Incense sticks are another thing which freshens our home. My husband is just crazy about fragrances. Specially for itras (perfumes) and incense sticks (agarbattis).  Much to my help, the incense sticks he brings work like a charm. The fragrance last for the whole day, and since they are low smoke sticks it is for my kind of person. . Wherever and whenever he can, he will buy these two things.

With him I have to be very cautious about the smells, both good and bad. That is why i keep following different ways to tackle with my household odours. Cleanliness is the basic of all. Crumbled newspaper in shoes a squeezed out lemon in fridge are some common tricks i follow. And with Ambi Pur Air Effect it is actually easier done than said.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

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It’s YOUR OWN life !! Live Good.

In one of my earlier posts Addiction Redefined i mentioned about 90 / 10 Principle. Seriously, it slipped off my mind until a friend requested it and me too came across situations which remind me of this.  So here it goes..90/10 Principle by Stephen Covey

It will change your life
(or at least, the way you react to situations)

We cannot stop the car from breaking down.
The plane will be arriving late, which throws our whole schedule off.
A driver may cut us off in the traffic.

You CAN control 90% of your life – by how you react to the 10% you can’t control. You yourself can influence your attitudes, behaviors, thoughts, and words.


We are into the habit of reacting almost immediately to what was happening around without any attempt to control our reactions in any way. Because of that, our reactions were negative and destructive.


 Here are some ways to apply the 90/10 Principle.

If someone says something negative about you, do not be a sponge. Let the attack roll off like water on glass. You do not have to let the negative comments affect you. React properly and it will not ruin your day. A wrong reaction could result in losing a friend, being fired, or getting stressed out.

How do you react if someone cuts you off in the traffic?
Do you lose your temper?
Pound on the steering wheel?
Do you curse? Does your blood pressure skyrocket?
Who cares if you arrive 10 seconds later at work?
Why let the cars ruin your drive?

Remember the 90/10 Principle and don’t worry about it.

You are told you lost your job.
Why lose sleep and get irritated?
It will not work out.
Use your worrying energy and time to find a new job.

The plane is late. It is going to mangle your schedule for the day.
Why take out your frustration on the flight attendant?
She has no control over what is going on.
It will just make things worse.
Use your time to study, get to know the other passenger, why stress out?

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Supposed To Be A One Liner

Make your heart and mind learn to have no expectations. Train them for everything but expectation. Expectation hurts badly, very badly. Except expectation or accept hurts. Your life, your choice. Live wisely !!

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