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मुझे क्या !!

मैंने तो किया है प्यार
तुम करो, न करो
मुझे क्या..

सबका ख़्याल है तुम्हे
मेरा हो न हो
मुझे क्या..

देखते तुम सब हो
समझा, करो न करो
मुझे क्या

मुझे तेरी जरुरत है
तुझे मेरी जरुरत हो न हो
मुझे क्या ..



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पहली बार हिंदी में पोस्ट लिख रही हूँ | कविताएँ जरूर लिखीं है । मुझे हमेशा हिचक बनी रहती है |हिंदी हमारी मातृभाषा है , किसी से कमतर नहीं पर न जाने क्यों, हिंदी में लिखने का विचार हमेशा मुझे सताता है |  काफ़ी समय से यह पोस्ट ड्राफ्ट्स में रखा हुआ था | मन में विचार आ आ कर रुकते थे की इसे पब्लिश करूँ या नहीं | चूँकि इसमें कुछ खास है नहीं, सिर्फ चंद पंक्तियाँ ही है, परन्तु पता नहीं क्यों दिल को छूती है | आज फाइनली इसे पब्लिश कर रही हु | इसे मैंने नहीं लिखा | कभी बहुत पहले कही पढ़ा या सुना था तो लिख कर रख लिया था | यह आदत है मेरी | कुछ अच्छा सुना या दिल को छूने वाला लेख पढ़ा, या फिर किसी से बात करते वक़्त ही अनायास कुछ अच्छा लगा, तो लिख लेती हूँ |

मैं हमेशा मानती हूँ, कि यह ज़िन्दगी हमें हर वक़्त, हर लम्हा, हर घड़ी कुछ न कुछ सिखाती ही रहती है | इन पंक्तियाँ में भी ऐसा ही कुछ है | जब कभी पढ़ो तो बल प्रदान करती है |

स्मृतियों में हमारे पास हमारी बहुत सी मुस्कानें सुरक्षित होती है | ढेर से दुखों , सुखों और उन पुराने दुखों से उबरने के सुखों की सुखद और भली स्मृतियाँ भी अपनी जगह बना कर स्मृतियों में कही सुरक्षित बनी रहती हैं | और गाहे बगाहे जब हम किसी नए दुःख से टकराते है तो हम स्मृतियों में सुरक्षित उन्ही सुखद और भले दिनों की स्मृतियों की शरणगाह अपनाते है | यहीं से हमें फिर उबरने , फिर लौटने और फिर खड़े होने का सहस भी मिलता है |


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तब और अब

तब, सुबह उठते ही माँ का दुलार
अब, सुबह उठते से जिम्मेदारियों का भर

तब, ज़रा सी चोट पर बैंड ऐड लगवाना
अब, दर्द-ए-दिल भी किसी को न बताना

तब, काम करते  वक़्त कुछ होना और सब को बताना
अब, खुद ही जले का इलाज करना

तब, नींद न आए तो सुबह लेट उठना
अब, रात भर जाग कर भी जल्दी उठना

तब, दिल खोल कर बात करना
अब, दस ख़्यालों में आधा बोलना




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21 Random Facts About Me

21 Random Facts About Me.. It’s been long time when i read Ms. Anamika’s blog post about this. Such type of prompts ignite some thoughtfulness and make me think about myself. It helps to know myself better. We don’t know ourselves nearly as well, as we think we do. I fall in this categoty 😀

‘To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.’ – Socrates

Here are few really random and funny facts about me.

1. I never tasted tea. Yes it’s true!!

2. While dipping biscuit in my glass of milk (bournvita / or plain) oh yeas i still drink milk daily. I hold two parle-g back to back then dip. P

3. I do not really like cooking. Ok call me bad. (it is just the starting)

4. Don’t know dancing, though tried sometimes when alone 😉 , but just once on stage. I may be suffering from “stage fear”.

5. Very keen in technical things, gadgets, electronics etc. different softwares. Me being a girl, it surprises many people.

6. People say and now I also agree, I am too straight forward and don’t know how to talk or showoff.

7. Quite good at art work, designs, painting, creative work.

8. Started being myself now. Of course it is hard. You have to be bad in others’ view. Call me bad again. I don’t care anymore.

9. First page first, then last page, then backwards. Strange and funny but, yes I read newspaper like this only. 😛

10. Can write somewhat readable text with left hand 😛

11. Can do almost anything, after trying once.

12. Another non-girlish fact. 😛 I Don’t like sweets. I prefer savoury dish over something sweet.

13. Yet another non-girlish one. I am kinda color blind. Unlike other girls, I can’t properly understand different shades or ” ish ” in colors. Like magenta, mustard colour, sea green, parrot green, rani color, peach color, purple, violet etc.

14. While counting anything in hindi after “tees” (30) I go – thirty one, thirty two…

15. Many a times I pronounce “s” sound as “sh”. Like sys(h)tem, s(h)tart, s(h)tyle, s(h)tage, s(h)traight, fas(h)t.

16. I can type real fast.

17. When I am angry, I usually get silent. Can’t hide my expressions. My face says it all, specially anger and discomfort.


18. Noticed recently that I reset the plastic to it’s original shape (unlike second one in the pic) , after taking the tablet from the strip. ( first row is empty)




19. I was so introvert that i didn’t talked to anyone and had only one friend in childhood. 12 classes..3 schools..2 friends. Thanks to Facebook,  for connecting with some old fellas. Improvising and made few more awesome friends through blogging.

20. Since childhood when asked what i want in life or what my goal is “Name, Fame and Money” is my answer. 😛

21. I can bet, no one had ever done this much research, on one’s own name, as i have done. While introducing myself (school, college, wherever), the question i knew always coming up next is “what’s the meaning of your name?”

P.S. – 1. it’s a stage in meditation of Radha Swami mat..
2. In french “une ami” pronounced as Anami means ” A friend”
– please google for more information 🙂

Even you can try taking up this. It will be fun. I f you wish share your blog post link in the comment section below.


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How to keep a secret ??



Never tell your secrets to anyone.

If YOU can’t keep it,

how can THEY ??

P.S – As simple as that 😉

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Came across this on some FB group. It ignited a war of words within me. It’s always been a topic of debate.


Yes I am from that generation. (Most of us are.) I was one of those kids. I had seen my mother sacrificing everything only to make us happy. Somewhere deep down I also had that feeling that sacrifice is the only way to live.

This type of conditioning need to be changed. Of course, parents are not doing this intentionally. They are not telling or teaching their children to sacrifice for other’s happiness. They are just doing what they have learnt by watching their parents. And their children see them and learn. Children learn what they see.

As the time passes and kids grow up, it becomes a habit. Sacrificing and compromising is now a part of  the behavior. As a kid and still in teenage, they continue to think of others (definitely our loved ones) before “own self”. This mindset, if not changed and, if freezes deep down in roots of mind, will do no good but bad. So,this wiring need a repair-maintenance in today’s world.

Time has changed and so should we.

I am not saying that don’t think about others at all. It is like “don’t think of others at the cost of your own self”. As I grow up I realized that it is more important to make “yourself” happy before others. Whenever making others happy calls for a sacrifice or a compromise, never take that call. If ever you do or if you have to then don’t call it a relation. It was just a give-take business.

NOW I am shifting focus of my camera to “myself” from others.

Now, I am not going to sacrifice any damn thing for anyone out there. Yes you heard me right.. I won’t. Till now I had done what I did. Now I will live my own life.. making ME happy first.. then others.

Ask yourself – Happy me or happy others ?? I agree I am not that that kind who will always be happy to make others happy (and myself unhappy). I will be happy if I am happy. Without sacrifices without compromises. As simple as that.

Let us live our OWN life happily.


I started loving myself and will going to be happy. JUST FOR ME.. YES CALL ME SELFISH.


One of my very good friend told me. She is so true saying this.

“Khud ke liye bahut baar bura banana padta he. And when this happens you learn better that it is just you and yourself who matters.”


So, Come on world call me bad, call me selfish, call me arrogant but this is me.. This is happy me and free me.


P.S. alright I am taking this risk of writing this. I challenged myself to be me and no more hiding. No hard feelings.

P.P.S – I do not care for what people think of me. What i think of myself is what matters. Breaking my “statue” in your hands.

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Diwali Celebration in Goa

When we shifted to Goa 8 months ago,  we were a bit worried about the new place. How will we adjust,  how will the people be like,  will we get a nice place to live or not ??and dozen more questions. But now I have a totally changed view. People here are so nice, you won’t feel alone with them. The society I live in is a great one and so are the people.

On 25th there was a Diwali celebration. All the kids in the society prepared dances and performed. Some solo, some in group. I also made a debut. Yes,  you read that right. For those who know me they know I had never danced before. Yup that was not that easy for me. Read here what it takes me do that and how I won the battle.

Here are some glimpses of the program. It bang started with special Diwali song by small kids. That was real cute watching these kiddies.


Boys gang is bang on with their performance full of energy and enthusiasm.


“Ye ladka hai diwana hai diwana” Any event is incomplete without a group dance by boys and girls on this song fusioned with other Girls v/s Boys songs.


Girls are so delicate, and so is their kalaiya. Girls with chitiya kalaiya were just superb, with such elegant moves.

Halloween was over but for us here “party toh abhi shuru hui he” We had ghosts as well taking their revenge.


Revenge !!


Scary Huh!!







As the program comes to an end which no one wants, it is followed by dinner and a DJ group dance. Everyone enjoyed and  it was an awesome night.









At the end as no one wants to leave, go home and sleep. What started is the photo shoot and selfies. Once again a big hand for all the talented and energetic “baccha log” of our society. We are proud of you guys !!

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Happy Father’s day, Maa !!

Hug – the most pious gesture and the most powerful as well. Hug – the best thing you need when you are sad or happy. Hug – the act which gives you peace, which gives you the satisfaction that someone is there for you. Hug – a word so small of just three letters but has a great emotion.  A hug is Hug(e)

Hug comes from the heart.

Nowadays people so easily hug anyone, be it friends, parents, siblings etc. It has become just a formal activity. without emotions. It has become a part of greeting and talks nowadays. I remembered the day years back when we were at a wedding ceremony and we were talking and one of my cousins came. After a simple “hi” she came forward and hugged. I don’t know why I felt so strange and awkward. For me even touching is not easy.

Talking & walking hand-in-hand or doing masti with each other not only by words but physically as well. This was not considered good. Reasons may differ. I find myself standing in between the past generation and the coming advanced generation.

For me, it is not at all easy. It not easy for me to “hug” anyone even parents and siblings. I didn’t remember when I last hugged my elder Brother.. and Mother. Yes, they obviously have a very Special and Distinctive place in my world but I never got the courage to express it to them.

When someone said – ‘Papa hote to samjhaate saari baatein, sikhate responsible hona. (If your father was alive, he would have taught you to be responsible) that hurt me like anything. But that’s not that speaker’s fault, it’s our society’s. Single parent (especially mothers) they are never looked upon equally. Same with the children. Their life will be much easier and happier only if people around them stop demotivating. Stop making her realize that she is a single parent. Stop taunting the children what their life would be with a father around.

I don’t even have any memory of my father. How can I? I was only 9 months old. Alas…Sometimes I think, I wish for some memories just a few. Then I may live with them, live with his memories (??) then I think it may become worse. Well, once I had a dream. I saw him. I hugged him. That is what I always wanted. That was the real hug for me. My most powerful memory (my Patronus charm- Harry Potter ) not real but the best. Every year in front of his photo I silently say “Happy Father’s Day Papaji”

Yes, I miss him. But my Mother never lets me miss him. She has played both roles perfectly..just perfect. She is my another father. My mother did much more than her share of the struggle just to make me and my elder brother responsible. She never takes gifts. So a hug is the best one. Being the youngest in the family my world was just these two people. My Mother and Brother. Both are my Father figures. They are my Father. And yes, both deserve a tight hug. Rather I NEED that hug more. I wish I get the courage to hug and let them know what they mean to me. It’s hard when you never did that before, never had such conversations. Some things can’t be expressed in words.  Just felt from the heart. Words fall short to express my gratitude towards “My Maa” and “My Big B”. What they have done and always been doing can never be explained.


It’s from heart to heart. 


Now after marriage, My Father and Father-in-Law have same names. What a coincidence it is.. or say it’s the nature’s plan. I had never seen my Father. All these years I had wished him in photos and in my own virtual world. This year I wished my Father-in-Law for real. Is Destiny paying me off ??



This post is an entry for father’s day contest by kreativemommy

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Say NO to Smelly Homes !!

“Household Odour” – one of the most difficult task to get rid of it for any housewife.

There are many smells in a household. Right from entering home the smell of shoe rack, then as you enter the bedroom the foul smell of wet towels, from the wardrobe to right to the “kitchen tadka” smell. The smell struggle is awful.

First and foremost remedy for all sort of smell is the cleanliness. Try and keep your home nicely clean and tidy all days. So that you don’t have to rush when guests are there.

Here are some remedies to home smells i use. These are really helpful to keep you homes guest-ready always. Ladies, In this tech-savvy world lets be some home savvy. 🙂

How i fight with house odour.. Some simple tips go like this –

1. Shoe smell can easily be cured by keeping a crumbeled newspaper into them. Yes, it is that easy. Give it a try.

shoe smell

Crushed newspaper in shoes

2. For the wardrobe, as a traditional freshener i used to put those “white Naphthalene balls” in the shelves. But they play the opposite role and clothes began to smell like it. Then a new way which i follow now is to put a peice of chalk. It absorbs the humidity and repells the odour. Also keep an eye over the clothes when you put them in. They must be free from “after iron smell”. Let them dry complete and then only show them their place in the wardrobe.

refrigerator smell

Squeezed out lemon in fridge

3. Next comes the refrigerator. As you open the door mixture of smells enter your nostrils. There may be good ones also but too many of them make the result worse. Specially when you have some culprits like home made butter, fruits, cheese etc. in your fridge. The most common mistakes women do is they put everything open, in there. Try to put everything in a closed container, as far as possible. Or just cover with plates. And for the safe side put a used squeezed out lemon on the door of the fridge. That’s it. P.S – don’t forget to tell your husband about it, otherwise he will throw it out. 😉

4. Now a days all houses have combined lat/baths , which increase the smell problem. The simple way to the toilet smell and the humid bathroom smell is to keep a small bowl of some raw salt in a corner. That will work like a charm.


Small Dustbin

Small Dustbin

5. The most obvious source and the main contributor to the house smell..Yes you guessed right. A Dustbin. The very simple trick for it is use a small one. 😉 Yes simple and smart trick. The sooner it will fill, sooner it will get empty. Or you can also develop a routine to throw out garbage daily.

6. Every man loves good food. Ask the wife how her nose feels like while preparing that finger licking food. The tadka smell, particularly for garlic, ginger, green chillies, i always have a running & irritated nose everytime i put this tadka. Use chimneys and exhaust fans whenever possible and open gallery gates and windows if you have. The most common trick for this is to cover the vessel the moment you put tadka. Not only smell will speard less also your kitchen walls will not get spoiled.

And finally, after all this, and daily cleanliness if it may happen that your house is smelling odour and guests are on their way. Bingo. Just use Ambi Pur Air Effect. Mind it not any other just room fresher. Ambi pur is not a room fresher. It does not just help by covering the odours it helps remove them completely! You may even use it daily. It helped me a lot.

Some other tips are –

1. Ventilation – Make sure your house has a nice ventilation system. You can open the windows and put on the fan on medioum speed for some time. It will help removing bad smell.

2. Sunlight – The best natural remedy. In this monsoon season, its not regular but whenever you can, use it. Put shoes and wet clothes in sunlight when and where possible. If sunlight comes inside your home then open that door / window and let the “power of sun” come in. It will refresh your home.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.”

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Smelly To Smiley – Easier done than said !!

Smell – it can be  both pleasant and bad. Scent and Odour. Here in this blog post we are  talking only about those unpleasant ones. The odours. It will spoil your whole day if it is the first thing to get into your senses in the morning. It can be of anything. Shoes, wet socks, towels, kitchen tadka, bathrooms, toilets, wardrobe etc. There are many ways how i battle these household odours. And these are real simple. Apart from these common sources of household odours some outside sources are also responsible.

Now coming back to “smell”. My recent observation is ‘smell” is subjective in nature. What I found as a odour – a bad and unpleasant smell – may not be bad for you. Blogadda along with Ambi Pur came up with the perfect contest #SmellyToSmiley. This is what i was actually gone through in last two months. Thanks Team Blogadda.

Goa Greenery

Goa Greenery

Seren Goa

Seren Goa

 I very well remembered. It was my first day in Goa. It is beautiful, really just simply beautiful. And as we were heading towards hotel from the airport, I was enjoying the serene views of nature and literally engrossed in the greenery.

As we reached hotel and the moment I stepped out from that AC Innova..oh my my.. all my senses are back to reality. The first thing I did was to cover my nose. It was the first step of my ‘smell struggle ‘ in Goa. May be there is a trenching ground just behind the hotel. Around that white shed (middle right side) in the photo below. When i entered the hotel then i literally took a sigh of relief.

Goa Hotel

View from hotel room’s window

We shifted from hotel to our flat in panjim after four days. It’s a nice place, a nice society. Now in mornings the first thing I smell when I open my kitchen’s window is fish. Yes, in these two months I had developed a good “smell sense” for differentiating ‘non veg smell’ from ‘veg smell’. 😉

Being a pure veggie is great but it’s really a big task to survive here in Goa. Yaaraan da imaan whisky..Uspe chicken ho to hor wadiya, this song is what i remember everytime i go market. Every road, every gully you go, what you smell is just chicken and alcohol.

Another place where I have to struggle “smell” is this market place. It’s the closest to our home.. but trust me I had never gone there the second time. And here is another proof for smell being subjective.

vegetables & non-veg at one place

vegetables & non-veg at one place

Nevertheless it’s a real nice and clean city. Everyday at 5:30 PM this garbage truck comes and collect the garbage from the huge garbage bin which is  right outside of our society. If my window of drawing room is opened and I may be in kitchen I can tell you it’s 5:30 and those guys have came. But to my wonder they look so chilled out & they are just sitting without any masks. No offence. They may be used to that smell. That’s why I said smell is subjective.

Clean Goa

View from my drawing room’s window

After so much smell struggle outside, with a “smelly filled nose” when I enter my home, it’s the real bliss. After all this, the best place for me is my home. The “Home Sweet (smelling) Home”. Thanks to Ambi Pur. (Really, it is the one reason i am still in Goa. LOL 😛 )

To all the above “smellys” i use just one measure and all this is gone, and I actually go Smiley from that Smelly expression. That is why it is called Ambi Pur “Air Effect” and not a “Room Freshener” It’s Really Really different and awesome. . .

If i am not going out and at home, I feel so afresh and radiant all day long. There are many fragrances in ambi pur like ‘Sweet Citrus and Zest‘ & ‘lavender- vanilla‘  but my favorite is ‘Blossoms and breeze‘ though my husband likes ‘Spring and Renewal’ more.

Incense sticks are another thing which freshens our home. My husband is just crazy about fragrances. Specially for itras (perfumes) and incense sticks (agarbattis).  Much to my help, the incense sticks he brings work like a charm. The fragrance last for the whole day, and since they are low smoke sticks it is for my kind of person. . Wherever and whenever he can, he will buy these two things.

With him I have to be very cautious about the smells, both good and bad. That is why i keep following different ways to tackle with my household odours. Cleanliness is the basic of all. Crumbled newspaper in shoes a squeezed out lemon in fridge are some common tricks i follow. And with Ambi Pur Air Effect it is actually easier done than said.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

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Pehla Pehla Pyar !!

This poem won my first ever #WOW badge on BlogAdda.

Being in love is awesome
it may not or may blossom
never force to fall in love
it will come naturally though

i never believed
in love at first sight
but when it happened
it happened with all its might

he saw me, and i stared
just a “hi” is what we uttered
smile on both faces
and heartbeat races

aha !! is it love ??
yes !! the unspoken true love
my first love is no past
without any certainty
it is my present
and will last for eternity.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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It’s YOUR OWN life !! Live Good.

In one of my earlier posts Addiction Redefined i mentioned about 90 / 10 Principle. Seriously, it slipped off my mind until a friend requested it and me too came across situations which remind me of this.  So here it goes..90/10 Principle by Stephen Covey

It will change your life
(or at least, the way you react to situations)

We cannot stop the car from breaking down.
The plane will be arriving late, which throws our whole schedule off.
A driver may cut us off in the traffic.

You CAN control 90% of your life – by how you react to the 10% you can’t control. You yourself can influence your attitudes, behaviors, thoughts, and words.


We are into the habit of reacting almost immediately to what was happening around without any attempt to control our reactions in any way. Because of that, our reactions were negative and destructive.


 Here are some ways to apply the 90/10 Principle.

If someone says something negative about you, do not be a sponge. Let the attack roll off like water on glass. You do not have to let the negative comments affect you. React properly and it will not ruin your day. A wrong reaction could result in losing a friend, being fired, or getting stressed out.

How do you react if someone cuts you off in the traffic?
Do you lose your temper?
Pound on the steering wheel?
Do you curse? Does your blood pressure skyrocket?
Who cares if you arrive 10 seconds later at work?
Why let the cars ruin your drive?

Remember the 90/10 Principle and don’t worry about it.

You are told you lost your job.
Why lose sleep and get irritated?
It will not work out.
Use your worrying energy and time to find a new job.

The plane is late. It is going to mangle your schedule for the day.
Why take out your frustration on the flight attendant?
She has no control over what is going on.
It will just make things worse.
Use your time to study, get to know the other passenger, why stress out?

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Supposed To Be A One Liner

Make your heart and mind learn to have no expectations. Train them for everything but expectation. Expectation hurts badly, very badly. Except expectation or accept hurts. Your life, your choice. Live wisely !!

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A Different New Year Wish !!

Another 365 days gone and here comes a fresher new year to be exploited for all the opportunities you missed in last 365 days. Wish you all Another Happier New Year…hope 2014 was better and happier than 2013, a bit if not much.. 😉


See this is all within us. It’s only we, who can make ourselves happy. So come on, this time again lets commit ourselves for another happier and better new year. Welcome this 2015 with all the enthusiasm and positive spirit, with the jazba (Passion) of making everything better and happier which wouldn’t worked in 2014. We got another year to do the undid things, to try the untried risks and to live a even better and happier life.

Why am i repeating “better and happier” phrase again and again?? Yeah, many of you must be thinking that the author has gone nuts. But guys trust me positive energy can’t be controlled. Once you realize its power, its overwhelming. You then, just want others to be benefited and you try hard to do that. We can focus on things we want to focus on. It is within us. If we decide to be better and happier in everything we do, mark my words, results will be awesome..simply AWESOME.

Sorry guys, i won’t be wishing great WORDY wishes like everlasting happiness, peace prosperity blah..blah..&..blah. i will simply wish, for everyone out there, a “better” and “happier’ life on a day to day basis. i wish that every passing day will be better than the previous one gone, at least in one aspect. Let the new year brings new hope, new trusts, new people and new life in your day to day work. New people will bring you new realizations, a “must” factor for a happier life. 😉

New Year WishesP.S. For new members  related past post –

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My Eternal Gratitude !!

If there is one thing that this going year 2014 taught me, is that letting go is okay.

Not everyone and everything is meant to stay in your life forever. And coming to this realization, helps you find a way to go with the flow of life. Circumstances, People and Feelings come and go, but you can’t let all these stop you from doing what is best for you.

When you finally accept that it’s OK not to have answers to everything and it’s OK not to be perfect, you realize that feeling confused is a normal part of what it is to be a human being. While living with the flow of life, all the pieces will naturally fall in place. So don’t get confused and live the life, don’t create hurdles.

Thanks to those who hated me, they made me stronger.
Thanks to those who left me, they made me realize that nothing lasts forever.
Thanks to those who stayed, they showed me true relations.
Thanks to those who loved me, they made my heart smile.
Thanks to those who cared, they made me feel important.
Thanks to those who were worried about me, they let me know that they actually cared.
Thanks to all those who entered my life, they made me who I am today.

Just wanna thank you all for being there in my life, whatever I might have meant to you.

Thanks to everything & everyone out there.




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