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सुन सको तो सुनो

लबों की ख़ामोशी, आँखों की नमी,

और ये कमबख्त, दिल की बेताबी



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She danced
Enjoyed songs.
So loud.
All alone.

With high beats
She has
Her anger.

Now she is
Not hurt.
Not feeling ignored.
She overcame.

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ख्वाहिश थी एक  ही
तुम्हारी खास बनूँ सिर्फ मैं ही,

किया हर जतन
साथ निभाया हर कदम,

और तुमने क्या किया ??
बड़ी आसानी से कह दिया –

“तूम भी हो औरों की तरह”
और मुझे तुम्हारी और खुद
अपनी ही नज़रों में गिरा दिया !!

शामिल-ए-आम कर दिया,
तुमने ये क्या कह दिया !!

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Maleficent : “Mine”

I love
I get hurt
Coz I
Things as mine
You mine

I learned
It is
‘Mine’ factor
‘My’ factor

Not mine
I won’t
Get hurt

When i
I am

Are not
Hurt me.

If those were
Really mine
They won’t
Hurt me
You won’t
Hurt me

You are
Not mine
Just for

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Simple Truth !!

After so much hurt and resultant thinking the great great ‘Anami’ found out the basic reason for ‘expectations‘.

We expect the same thing from someone which we would do if we were in their situation, wearing their shoes.

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Supposed To Be A One Liner

Make your heart and mind learn to have no expectations. Train them for everything but expectation. Expectation hurts badly, very badly. Except expectation or accept hurts. Your life, your choice. Live wisely !!

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This is She


She has secrets you’ll never know or understand.

She appears so strong on the outside,
but on the inside her world is spinning upside down.
She is smiling and standing tall to the outer world,
she is crying and breaking down in her inner world.

She appears so happy to her mates,
but alone, she shares her tears with her pillow.
She knows not to get her hopes up,
as they always come crashing down.
She has heard it all before & felt it all,
She has experienced more than her fair share.

One touch & she’ll flinch
One harsh word & she’ll cry
One bad moment, & she’ll break down

She trusts no one, because the people she has, hurt her & leave her to pick up the pieces
She believes no one, because the people she has, lie & betray her.
So for now she’ll keep to herself  & pretend everything is fine, when everything is wrong

I know this girl, because this girl…

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