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कहना चाहू कितना कुछ
पर कुछ कह न सकूँ
ख़यालों के इस सैलाब में
तैर न सकूँ

मिले न सुकून
न ही चैन
ये कैसे है रिश्ते
जहाँ हूँ इतनी बैचैन

ना रही ये
ज़िन्दगी न वो
टूटते दिखे पुराने अटूट
अटूट रिश्ते थे जो

नए रिश्ते बन गए
पुराने कहीँ बिखर गए
ये कैसी परीक्षा है चल रही
न इस पार न उस की रही

सारे भ्रम टूटने लगे
अपने पराये होने लगे
सब लगने लगा बेमानी
अपनों के ही बीच में

अकेली रह गई “नामी”

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Simple Truth !!

After so much hurt and resultant thinking the great great ‘Anami’ found out the basic reason for ‘expectations‘.

We expect the same thing from someone which we would do if we were in their situation, wearing their shoes.

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There is she, standing in gallery of her flat on the third floor. Thinking about her future ambitions and the past learnings. She has to decide which path to go. What to choose from the options. Where to go further in her life. Confused and with much agitated mind she was just blankly staring at the crowd of vehicles rushing on road. Suddenly she was dragged out from her thoughts. A girl on her Scooty was hit by a man with his bike. Not that hard, but both felled.

The girl was driving on her path correctly, none was her fault. It was a T-Junction, so due to a little carelessness of the bike rider he hit the straight going girl. They crashed and fell. They got up, saw each other, and had a word. Misha guessed both were asking if the other one is ok. They picked their respective vehicles and continue on their paths.

Misha now surprised and shocked by watching all this. She witnessed calmness, and forgiveness after an accident. Now she got few answers to the questions going on in her mind. She smiled and went back into room.

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