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-“We promise each other to share everything and will never fight. If there is something bothering one we will tell the other one.”
-“Yes sweetheart,  we will” he agrees.

-“If it’s my fault, let me know, tell me directly. Never stop talking.”
-“how can i live without talking to you baby? ” he kissed her and said.


Misha’s heart echoed those words everytime, she tries to sleep in all those sleepless nights. Sleepless not because of her kid though. It’s been 10 days.. 10 days of silence.  Shantanu was not talking to her calls neither replying to messages. She was not sure what is the reason. No, she was not crying. She promised Shantanu she will never shed tears, and she is keeping it.

She was going mad thinking what has she done. What went wrong? She started blaming herself.

She was somehow coping from postpartum depression all by herself. In this blame game she sees herself as the culprit. But no, she is not. Rather she is the victim. Yes, in this phase where she is going through PPD , baby blues and weak emotional breakdown, She was expecting Shantanu to be with her. To understand her. Care for her.

She trusted Shantanu more than herself. She was infact going to be like him. So practical.

There was a flood of memories and thoughts and questions.

Why in any relationship trust get weakens. Why it can’t be intact?

Why 2 people generate misunderstanding due to others?? Any relationship will last long when we trust.

Why because of others their relationship is getting affected and is at stake??

Why why??

Startled, at 3:17 am, wakes up by her kid’s cry.

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Words….are not enough

You convey words when you say anything. You can’t convey the intention they are said with. So hard to communicate in this complicated world. It is the doubt that create all this non-sense. Lack of trust is the root cause. Trust the person as your own and you will never see the negative words but only positive intentions.

The same set of word from our loved ones will never hurt us, but it will hurt, when it comes from someone else’s loved one.

Where is the difference after-all..

1. Set of words are same.

2. Persons they are coming from holds same position.

3. The intentions / mind sets are same.

4. Person receiving those words is same.

Then where is the controversy?? Where is the misunderstanding created ?? It is us who create the difference. No one out there is forcing us to take both situations otherwise. It is us. Difference is in our mind. Difference is in our mental image of both the persons. Any solution ?? Yes, why not. Every problem has a solution. The solution here is you..your mental attitude..which need to be expanded from the traditional world conditioning.

Receptive Error. Yes, it is the term for this situation. Listener’s misunderstanding of the speaker’s intentions.


Now from speaker’s point of view. You say something so normal, but it was taken wrong. Totally misunderstood. This is so confusing, irritating for some people like me, who have somewhat week connection between their thoughts and tongue. To express their thoughts, rather just to say or ask something they have to create a nice sentence in their minds, think about others reaction and, then speak up. And that thinking process sometimes take more than expected time and ruin the situation. sigh..

And now one may ask, what they think upon for so long. That could not be the fact. But it is cent percent true. It is that, they think more about others than self. Which I agree should be considered as sin. Yes, why not. Nowadays how many people out there think ‘what he/she will think if I say so?’ or ‘what if he /she will feel bad by my this action?’ I guess none. This is right in a way. Why the hell do we care and think about anyone else. We should say and do whatever we want to do without thinking of others. (sarcastic?? Huh.. )

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