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Survivor #AToZChallenge Reflection

Last year, when I came to know about this, I decided to participate next year, that is 2017. I forgot, until I came across the theme reveal post on 20th March.

I shared this with my mother and she said, “why can’t you? , You can. At least you should try”. Her words were the real encouragement.

It was my first year participating in A to Z Challenge. And noowww….Yippee. I am so proud of me. I completed. I survived.. Yooohoooo!!

It was not at all easy for me to complete this challenge
While, in post delivery confinement, I was not sure if it’s even possible for me to do this.

I wrote posts on the day they posted. As I had not pre – drafted any of the posts or decided on theme or anything, I wrote letters from A to Z in a column and their respective words in front of them. Daily I take a word and write, that’s it. Now that was the real challenge. Isn’t it?? Well, for next year I hope I prepare posts beforehand on some nice theme.

My mother used to ask me daily ” which letter is it today? Did you submitted today’s post? ” That’s another reason for me to survive.

Pain, depression, baby blues, sleepless days and nights. All these had a mixed effect on my writings. There were days “I quit, nothing will happen” then there were days “come on Anami, you are not this weak, let’s do it”

I commented on various blogs and received much more comments and replies. Till letter M when at mother’s home it was great, I wrote, I commented, I shared. But after that it became a bit difficult. But anyways I am happy I survived.


I tried sticking to “Her learnings”. These were poems,..Simple, short and straight. And in the process I learned a lot. Life is a learning process.

It had become a ritual throughout April, to write and write and write. Writing and thinking about writing was on my priority list. I was myself surprised,with the kid, how I was able to complete. Thinking process was continuously going on, while I was eating, walking, brushing teeth, feeding the kid, or even talking. I experienced the dual thought process. Talking to someone and drafting post in mind.

Then current circumstances helped me a lot in writing and writing helped a lot in handling those situations.

That’s the beauty of nature power. Everything is connected.

Thankful to those who commented, liked and shared my scribblings.

Apologies to those on whose blog I was unable to react, but I will definitely do that in near future.

Kudos and congratulations to all of us who successfully survived the challenge.

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