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Workout ?? Work it out !!

Healthy mind is a result of healthy soul. And for a healthy soul you need a fit body.

Who doesn’t need a fit body? Being fit is everybody’s dream. I am not that much a fitness freak but I do like workouts and the sweating. It’s my mood booster. When you are feeling down, exercise helps. It really does. Try it. After all, health is wealth.

In today’s busy life style people say they don’t have time. How can you not have time for YOURSELF?? This is not fair. This is your own body. Take out some quality time for YOURSELF. I am not asking for anyone else’s sake. It’s for you only. Love yourself not just showing off fashionably but also to maintain that “Great Gift by God” – your body. We just have to be consciously aware about our body. That’s it. It will automatically induce that “love feeling for self”.

It was the First “International Yoga Day” on 21st June 2015. Yoga is all about a fit body and enlightened soul. Yoga helps a lot. Yoga can be done by anyone and everyone out there. There are many messages going viral on Yoga, the one I remember most is –

Dear yoga, tu mujhse na hoga
But I say, “Dear yoga, without you -mera kya hoga

You can also combine, with Yoga some other exercises like aerobics, and other simple exercises if you wish, according to your needs.  It is always advisable to have a full body workout, with a proper warm up and cool down sessions.

My mother used to say –
Each of your body part needs exercise. The one you neglect will ask you.

So true, it is !! Hear them and serve them good. It’s your turn now. Here are some simple tips and ways to be kept in mind during day to day life.

1. Drink plenty of water – especially in morning hours.

Do Remember..

Do Remember..

Water is the best detoxification agent. Everyone knows nowadays that 70% of human body is made up of water. But how many of us really care to maintain that level. We are so much involved in our daily course that we literally forget to drink water. Make an habit of drinking water within regular intervals. Not just when you feel thirsty. Feeling thirsty means there is a lack of water in your body. Don’t let that happen.



2. Work out two times

Yes, two times. Our generation is so lazy that if we make target for two times, we may end up doing it once. But yes, Working out twice a day make you more fit and full with energy. But at the same time try not to overdo. Start slow, than only pace up.

3. Eat healthy.Healthy eating

Junk food will only make a junk of you. Eat healthy and nutritious food. I am not saying don’t eat fast food at all. Do eat. But within limits. Remember – “Few minutes on lips, forever on hips” (Specially for girls 😉 )

4. Dieting

Diet mean

Dieting doesn’t mean die starving. It will only feed craving. Diet means eat healthy. Have a proper and nutritious diet. Try to have a proper balance for all vitamins, carbs, and proteins. Have a regulated and supervised diet.



5. Have a proper body posture all day long

Source - Internet

Source – Internet

Proper movements in day to day life. Like sit with a straight spine. Nowadays, teenagers sit with a tilted back, with shoulders down. It is affecting their health drastically. Just a simple thing to remember. Isn’t it ?? Lol, not that easy.

Every day job / household work in itself is workout – Like when you want to pick up something. Properly lean down, take a squat and pick it up. Want that jar from the upper shelf, mind your toes and feel the stretch along the spine and take it. As a whole be aware of every movement you make. And make it right. Control it. Feel it.

Wonder why our previous generations are so fit. They never go to gyms. Daily household work in itself is their workout. Washing clothes give movement to wrists. They used to have “atta chakkis” those days (Torso Rotation). Morning dusting and sweeping and mopping of floor (Ab workout). Got my point 😉

That's my cup of Green Tea. Where is your's ??

That’s my cup of Green Tea. Where is your’s ??

6. Include green tea in your diet plan. It’s healthy.

You can start with a warm-up routine, including jogging at place, simple squats, boxer shuffle, alternate toe touches, arm rotation, wrist rotation, neck rotation etc. Then go for a suitable workout including abs, upper body and lower body exercises. You may also include the balance exercise to strengthen your core. Don’t forget to cool-down after a workout with simple stretches.

For all these to adopt in your daily life one must sacrifice your laziness. (not a big D huh 😉 )It is worth it. Keep motivating yourself. Joining gym is like letting the dog behind self. You have to go once you paid (if you value money atleast) So motivate yourself and adopt these simple tips in daily life. Prepare a workout schedule for YOURSELF and stick to it. Be like a Postage Stamp “stick to it until you get there” Keep motivating yourself.

The most important thing LOVE YOURSELF. Give yourself your ME-TIME 


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