About what ? About whom?

When a person is not able to explain about him/her self then it must be a very dayaniya (Pitiable) stage for him /her. On the contrary, it can be taken the other way, like he is beyond all the wordy world and don’t have words to explain.

When one is not able to list down his weeknesses then be sure that he has lots of them. First and foremost is the weekness of not seeing the other side of any thing.

Well i am Anami/ Une Ami / A Name whatever you percieve.. At present don’t know what am i here for, what i want to do. But one thing is certain that i am here for something, for sure. What i have to do is just to find that “something” 🙂

A down to earth type of person but very agressive and arogant at times. have all the buraiya (vices) of the world at times and sometimes is the bestest  in the world..

In short a perfet ‘human being’ searching for living the life ‘peacefully’. Well in fact i know the path for that but again , being a ‘human being’ cant walk on it continuously.

धारे ही धरम है वरना कोरी बात ,  सूरज उगे प्रभात है वरना काली रात ||

enough for now..fir kabhi update karenge (will update later)..the so called about section 😛


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Osho says to live in your nature( swabhav) is actually religion.All the matters are behave according to their nature but most of us cannt do that, then prolem begins starts from innersight and it continuously go on.we all always behave towards world with our presumptions and not with our nature.We acctually pretend to hide our actual behaviour. And always afraid of fear of our naturality.that’s all.


  2. loved you ‘about section’!
    *echo your sentiments*


    • Thanks Damini 🙂 Do keep in touch and share the good thoughts. Keep thinking Keep inspiring 🙂 You may follow on Facebook and/or Twitter for the daily updates. 🙂


  3. You have a pretty interesting blog. Read Hindi poetry after long time and it really felt good.

    Liked by 1 person

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