Depression #Atozchallenge

Negative thoughts
As bad
As Suicidal.

She was stronger
All nine months
But after that..

Strength faded
Time weakning
Situation crumbles
Relations sinking
Trust tumbling
Compassion narrowing

She sees
Depression coming..
She came out ??
She came out not ??


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29 thoughts on “Depression #Atozchallenge

  1. Rajlakshmi

    The ending leaves me curious… I hope she comes out of it. Depression is terrible.
    From A to Z

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  2. swathishenoy

    I hope she did come out! Depression is a terrible thing. Lovely poem 🙂

    Doctors and Dentists

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    • Yes. And more is the thought of awareness of it. She knows but can’t help it. Hope she succeeds.


  3. Hugs to her 🤗

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  4. This is a really good poem. My D for the challenge was also Depression, would appreciate it if you let me know what you think of it. I’m going to check out your other poems now 🙂

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    • Your take is really written so well. Yes this too shall pass. One should always remember this, both in good and bad times. I followed your blog. Didn’t found comment option in wordpress reader though.

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      • Thanks for checking out my post and blog. I’m glad you liked it. I, not sure what’s going on with the comments, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for letting me know 😀

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  5. sanchthewriter

    Depression is horrible. I’ve struggled through it myself and sometimes it feels like there is no way out. The black clouds take over everything and the person inside crumbles. Nice poem

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  6. inquisitivegeet

    O I’ve heard about it and couldn’t believe it earlier but now I know it exists!


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  7. Depression is a terrible illness. It feels so hopeless inside. I hope she comes out through it. I hope she has support.

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  8. Such a beautiful composition Nami, I would like to be positive and think that she does come out of the depression successfully!

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  9. RamyaRao

    Depression is terrible. May she get all the support and also get help.

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  10. To be aware of your depressive phase but to be unable to cope with it, is the worst feeling ever. Very touching.

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

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  11. aah… the terrible might of depression.. renders living to be a useless vocation!


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