On the occasion of Holi, the festival of colors, I share this artwork which is 40 years old. It shows Shri Krishna and Radha playing with colors.


Time has changed. There was a time when the love used to be true and pious. There was no show off. Feelings came from Heart, from within. Now feelings come from mind. Sigh !!


Below lines try to express the feelings of Radha – Krishna in the present scenario.




वही रंग, वही पिचकारी

वही तुम, वही मैं

बदले, तो सिर्फ मायने।


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12 thoughts on “Significance

  1. how true are these lines!!! Times have indeed changed the intensity and pitch of our feelings!

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  2. Seriously, vanity is no all time high. We indulge in showoff like it’s a staple.

    Beautiful words and a lovely painting.

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  3. I liked the lines. I can tell you mind is not such a bad place as it is made out to be. Feelings can come out of the mind and not be meaningless at all, it is the manipulation that we have trained our minds to carry out that brings it bad name. It is actually all about us.

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    • Exactly !! Mind is not at all bad. It’s all about the conditioning. And as they say ‘Gehu ke sath ghun pista hai’. Few people’s mindset affect other’s views.


  4. I love the idea of a festival of colour. I had to Google the festival to read more.

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    • That is so nice of you making that effort. Thank you. We colour each other and celebrate forgiveness on this day.


  5. That’s pretty deep. Thanks for talking about Radha-Krishna’s holi 🙂 Something that I haven’t heard in ages.

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  6. Beautiful lines with amazing meaning …..nice one

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