-“We promise each other to share everything and will never fight. If there is something bothering one we will tell the other one.”
-“Yes sweetheart,  we will” he agrees.

-“If it’s my fault, let me know, tell me directly. Never stop talking.”
-“how can i live without talking to you baby? ” he kissed her and said.


Misha’s heart echoed those words everytime, she tries to sleep in all those sleepless nights. Sleepless not because of her kid though. It’s been 10 days.. 10 days of silence.  Shantanu was not talking to her calls neither replying to messages. She was not sure what is the reason. No, she was not crying. She promised Shantanu she will never shed tears, and she is keeping it.

She was going mad thinking what has she done. What went wrong? She started blaming herself.

She was somehow coping from postpartum depression all by herself. In this blame game she sees herself as the culprit. But no, she is not. Rather she is the victim. Yes, in this phase where she is going through PPD , baby blues and weak emotional breakdown, She was expecting Shantanu to be with her. To understand her. Care for her.

She trusted Shantanu more than herself. She was infact going to be like him. So practical.

There was a flood of memories and thoughts and questions.

Why in any relationship trust get weakens. Why it can’t be intact?

Why 2 people generate misunderstanding due to others?? Any relationship will last long when we trust.

Why because of others their relationship is getting affected and is at stake??

Why why??

Startled, at 3:17 am, wakes up by her kid’s cry.

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8 thoughts on “Wisdom

  1. Dashy

    Relationships are indeed based on trust, and cannot survive without it. Small misunderstandings may turn out to ruin some bonds big time. Wisdom is to face reality and deal with it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hoping Misha has the wisdom to eventually realize that it may well not be her. Her husband bears responsibility, too, and this can be a form of abuse if used to control her. Hoping Misha has the support to leave this relationship if that is the case and things don’t improve.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Everyone has his / her responsibility. But that doesn’t mean one can cover their mistakes using them. Leaving any relationship is not at all hard, hard is to be in it and take care to make it last long.


  3. Depression is a rea killer and PPD aid quite terrible . Luckily it passes when you get caught up with baby. But where is Shantanu?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hope it passes in Misha’s case too. Shantanu is in other city, not understanding what’s going on with Misha. He too became the pawn in blame game. Even he started blaming Misha for all the family chaos. Hopefully things will settle down soon.


  4. Trust keeps the relationship together, else it’s very easy to break apart. Hope they both understand this phase and help each other.

    Liked by 1 person

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