The Window #WordsMatter

Inside we all are same
Flesh, bones, and blood.
What makes us different
Is our thinking.
Our thoughts
Our heart and mind.
Our decisions
Of what is
Wrong and Right.

He acted in a certain way
Which can be justified
On the grounds of
Millions of excuses.
Bounded, no choices
Stress or helpless
Or The dilemma
Love or lust or
Heat of the moment.

He opened the
Window within.
And accepted.
Stood Strong.
And Moved on.

Outside the window
Of societal cage
He sees himself
As a free soul.



#WordsMatter is the monthly blog hop hosted by Corinne,Β ShaliniR, andΒ Parul. There are 47 of us on this Blog Hop and it will be spread over 3 days – 2, 3, 4 August. Do follow the #WordsMatter Blog Hop and prepare to be surprised!

I received this tag from our jolly friend Vinay at I Rhyme Without Reason and passing it on to Payal Agarwal at Kaleidoscope

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30 thoughts on “The Window #WordsMatter

  1. Interesting, and different take πŸ™‚ I loved the first verse a lot, and yes, that is what sets us apart.

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  2. A liberating feeling of opening the mind, accepting the flow of new ideas. What prompts a person to take certain decisions, actions, one can never tell. Lovely take on the prompt!

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  3. Introspection helps one heal, recover, and grow from within. Glad that he did that too!

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  4. Be it life or choices we make are nothing but a perspective. No one can judge us for that. Not even ourself. We should be strong enough to take responsibility for our actions and move on. That is the beauty of leading a life free is shackles. And, you conveyed it beautifully in this poem.

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  5. A superbly weaven poetry, pushing us out of the comfort zone to think! Beautiful!

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  6. Obsessivemom

    Loved the thought that it’s our choices that make us different from each other. I love the bit where you say sometimes one has no choice but to act a certain way. That’s so true.

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    • You got my point. Isn’t that something which happens to most of us most of the times. We have no choice but to choose the other side of what we want.


  7. Simply beautiful, Nami. Loved your take on the prompt. Profound. The last paragraph is my favorite.

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  8. Totally different take to what I was reading all along

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  9. We are our thoughts. Beautiful. Sometimes we need to act based on the circumstances and accept the outcome, make peace with it. And all that comes with being in sync with our thoughts. Loved your take.

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  10. This resonated with me. I tend to be sometimes ridden with guilt about bad choices in the past. Your poem urges me not to be so.

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    • I am happy you can relate. At times bad choices are not our choices but the call of the situation. One should not feel guilty in that case.


  11. wow, poetry.
    Yes, we need to open the windows to our own minds to accept the present, only then a free soul can move ahead.

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    • Thank you for that ‘wow’ πŸ™‚ . Moving ahead is the only thing required to live a happy life. Isn’t it?


  12. True, it’s what sets us apart-our thoughts, feelings and reactions to stuff that happens around us!

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  13. Your thoughts are beautifully woven into amazing poetry. Thanks for participating in the bloghop. Hope you had fun!

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    • I am glad you liked it. This is the much needed push to get my self back on track. Thank you for hosting this. I thoroughly enjoyed this month and already looking forward to next.


  14. true, we are all the same yet different.

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  15. Shubhra Rastogi

    Lovely thoughts and beautifully penned.

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  16. That was beautiful, Anami. I loved how you spoke of breaking norms for the world and staying at peace and with freedom within. Thank you for joining #WordsMatter.

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